I went from SS 1.9 to 8.3 with this one easy trick



Fasted, I assume.




That hurts just looking at it

Nice! :hot_face: :hot_face:

Sweet spot progression levels are far too easy. An 8.3 in SS isn’t even close to an 8.3 in threshold or VO2 max. 4x20min 88% ftp should never be an issue if your ftp is set correctly.


Last season I did a 4 x ~30 minute at about 88% ftp with ~12 minutes recovery in between on an outside ride (repeats on a long steady climb). The last half of interval 4 was rough. But overall I felt it was doable


wow where are you going from here? 3x30? 2x60?

Why should they be similar in difficulty? They are on different scales. Riders just need to understand that the scale is different. SS efforts are rarely meant to be near max efforts, while threshold efforts often are.

I’ve done some fiddling with the workout creator and found that SS efforts are about 2.0 levels (5%) different (easier) than threshold efforts. Stated differently, a workout with into at ~95% intensity will be about 2.0 progression levels higher on the SS scale than the threshold scale. Interestingly, I’ve found that V02 workouts with intervals at ~105% also show about two progression levels (actually about 2.5) higher than threshold workouts of the same intensity. I think this is why a lot of TR users think they suck at threshold, when it is just that the threshold scale is more difficult. I also think many TR users keep their FTP level set too high because they are nailing higher level SS and V02 workouts when it’s really just a function of scaling.


Rather something 1x, like 1x90 → 1x105 → 1x120. Once you become mentally adjusted to them, then you see those are not actually much harder than split intervals.

To be honest, trainerroads whole different scale approach just seems like an excuse. It’s very unintuitive and just leads to confusion.


I think it takes some experience with the system to know what the relationships are. I can definitely see how it can be confusing. The big disconnect with many of the progression levels is that they are more of an indicator of what you have done than what you can do. Workout levels are great because they can give you object analysis of how difficult a ride is, but progression levels as assigned on the career page should probably be dropped for anything below threshold, The whole idea of having progression levels for every zone makes all of us type A athletes want to max them all out, which isn’t the intended goal.



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Trick? Over my last 4 week block I went from

1x30-min @91%


1x55-min at 83% with a couple strong 15-sec efforts


1x90-min at 85% plus a strong 2-min vo2 effort.

Have no idea what TR would assign as progression levels, but there is an obvious progression! And some short power 90-day PRs, these were outside.

No tricks, just went out and did it :man_shrugging:


whoah there buckaroo. You might need to retest your ftp


whoah there buckaroo, the correct reply is not always to pull out the retest your ftp card. Maybe my natural ability is strength endurance? FWIW last night I did 2x10-min at 275W self selected by feel from a range of 260-285W, and finished knowing that was riding at threshold. I’m no stranger to 40-70-min efforts at ftp, I know what it feels like. Doing a 20-min field test this weekend, and didn’t finish last night thinking I would slay 290W on Saturday.


@WindWarrior clearly you were working to extend your TTE no? vs actually raising FTP. I am embarking this week on this trajectory vs raise raise raise burnout and not ride for months. BTW - hope all is well since we worked on the marine project.


I’m guessing my coach wanted to increase strength endurance ahead of a 20-min field test. :man_shrugging: Are you still with the same company? I thought you were moving to CA?

if your ftp isn’t going up, then you’re wasting your training time and should rethink your training

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Could make sense to stretch out. I actually did the KM FTP Progression 1 test to verify FTP and my Threshold went from 1.0 → 10! Also confirmed my FTP as I suspected should be 15W lower than AIFTP predicted just before I did the test.

No been working remote from here still (RI) but company in San Jose.

because your ftp can never stop going up?