Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I decided to cut it out December 29th rather than January 1st. No BS I was drinking too much in general and far too much to race my bike effectively. I read another thread elsewhere and the author said something like “ask yourself why you drink”? That was enough. I didn’t have an answer so it just seems logical to stop.

Maybe posting here will inspire others and keep me honest. Anyone else?


Good on you @KorbenDallas

I had my last beer last night. I’m not having another until I reach my goal weight.


Atta Boy George!


For me it’s more of just ‘not drinking’ rather than ‘don’t drink’. Beer, liquor, wine, etc just isn’t good enough for the calories and crappy way it makes me feel. Just moved it down the priority list. Would rather have some cheese or pancakes instead of beer.


expect a free W/kg improvement with the kg dropping…at least if you used to drink like average Europeans do :wink:


drinking can easily become a habit rather than a treat, I’ve been treating myself a lot over Christmas so after tonight I will be dry until the end of Jan, then it’s going to be very much in moderation until holidays in July


Been sober almost 8 years for a whole pile of reasons.


As someone who follows a Low Carb Lifestyle… can honestly say that once I found out about the Science of Alcohol and what it does to the Liver and how the Liver responds…

  1. Low Carb - Worst Hang Over Ever after trying Bourbon
  2. Knowing that the Liver see’s Alcohol as Poison, it shuts down everything… everything non essential to live… limits oxygen to the brain… um… think about that… explains why you feel woozy and light headed…

So for me it was a very easy choice to say good bye to Poison as I now call it.

Net result… much happier… much more spring in my step…

If you want to do a drug… do something that is not trying to kill you!

For me… Cannabis has been a very good alternative and does not shut my body down… instead it helps repair thanks to the CBD I have in my my strains!


There are many reasons for each of us to quit but, I have to admit I didn’t fully realize ^^^ that until reading this forum or maybe listening to a TR podcast.


Dang! I like your style.

Interesting that your handle is “Trippy”…

I basically stopped drinking a number of years ago. It just wasn’t doing anything for me. It was much more about brain function than body function. Don’t miss it at all.

(I also haven’t turned into one of those judgey a-holes who demonises those who still imbibe.)


I stopped drinking during the week due to investigating some health stuff. It has definitely made getting up at 4.45a to get on the trainer easier as I feel better. And I feel like I’m getting leaner without the alcohol calories. Good on you for getting ahead of the New Years resolution!


My personal opinion is that’s a good thing. I gave up alcohol about mid 2017 and I’m better off for it. Empty calories and saving a few bucks helps too.


“There’s a time and a place for everything and it’s called COLLEGE” -Chef :rofl:

Seriously though, it’s a personal choice that I don’t want to force on anyone else.


I’m doing the same thing. I have found it a hindrance on my training and other aspects of my life. I originally was just going to give it up on weeknights, but then I realized my most important training/racing days are typically Saturday and Sunday so need to be in good form for that. I have cut it 100% since Christmas and don’t plan to have anything for NYE either (big ride on the 1st). It’ll be tough at my first social situations but I know it’ll be worth it if it helps me achieve my goals for the year.


I now drink on occasion, maybe once or twice a month and it’s generally red wine with the wife. I don’t miss alcohol and all to often I’d rather cheat with desert than a drink.


I’ve found myself slipping into the drinking most days trait and realised that I’d stopped enjoying it long ago. It had simply become a habit. A common habit here in Scotland. No more!!!


I typically cut it out during January and July, plus never from Sunday through Thursday unless on vacations. Having been down the rabbit hole of drinking one to two per night and having that turn into 4 and more every night over the course of several years, I’ve found setting hard limits to be pretty useful.

It’s certainly not good for the body in any way, but in moderation with extended breaks, science appears to say there shouldn’t be any major long term negatives. Whatever people choose to do in regards to consuming it, I would certainly suggest doing very brief research on the effects its actually having on our bodies rather than blindly consuming it and then being surprised IF something comes from it later - I honestly had no idea until I looked into it because of unrelated health issues that I wondered if alcohol contributed to.


I think it’s waaaaaaay more common of a habit than we think. I think I drank too much which was much less than most I know who don’t cycle.


i started a new job a couple of years ago and it meant staying away. I found my self treating myself too much just like @Jonnyboy said. I would not class myself as a drinker. I recently had some Heineken 0.0 beer. It tasted exactly the same as normal beer. This led me to realise that the alcohol was just incidental to the taste. If I do want a beer then I this is what I have.


I cut it out several months ago after a year of really only having a glass of wine or a beer a week. The days following me drinking a beer or two I inevitably felt like garbage and in my mind that made it easy to acknowledge the detriment that it is to your body. Envision a hangover, then a micro dose of that with each beverage…