Sugar Free February 2020

As dry January comes to a close I noticed someone mentioned Sugar Free February. I checked to see if there was a post for it but couldn’t find anything so here it is.

Who’s up for Sugar Free February then?


How strict are we going here? No added sugars? No fiber? :slight_smile:

If I do this i’m gonna have to go ham on some girl scout cookies and ice cream tonight.

it’s the last chance for a month!

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yeah there is a bit of problem of definition… no alcohol is pretty clear cut, but what does

even mean :sweat_smile:

:scream::joy: it seems pretty clear to me… no sweets, sugary soda, biscuits, cakes, basically anything with added sugar?

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alright. and what about “science food” … gels, chews, bars, sports drinks… plenty added sugar in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Suggested rulings:

  • we’re talking added sugar
  • workout nutrition = fueling shall be generally accepted (but may be restricted at the discretion of the user)

It’s only 29 days!


just to bear in mind:

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This is my basic diet. No added sugar. Been doing it for over 3 years now. Very positive impact to how I feel and how the symptoms from my crohns disease improves without the added sugar.

I will use sugary drinks when I cycle as it does change how I hard I can work.

As a note you will notice a change to your taste buds after a few weeks of this. I do find a number of items that I used to enjoy to just be too sweet now.


Yes, I think it was me, thanks for starting a thread.

I agree with your take on it;

But if course you can do whatever fits your life!

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I’d be up for this…now I’m not going to count stuff on the bike and I’m not hunting down ingredients on every packet, tin or sauce…but happy to do ‘no junk sugar’ Feb - so no cakes, biscuits, cookies, rubbish cereals (always have porridge anyway!), jams, obviously sugary stuff!


But I’ve only just moved somewhere where I have access to chocolate digestives again :sob:


So I’m still a bit unclear about the size/scope of the “during workout” exception. Is it anything goes on the bike? Our last four doh-see-dos are next to my bike right now…

What about the benefits of consuming sugar while doing sport? Maybe you meant no added sugar unless it’s helping fuel or refuel a workout?

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Yep…but must actually be doing a workout…can’t just sit on bike and eat!!!:joy:


:sweat_smile: You have my sympathy!

Perhaps give yourself a week leeway? :wink::wink:

As @schmidt said, genuine fuelling a workout doesn’t count. :muscle:.

But if you find yourself soft pedalling, watching Netflix and shovelling in Black Forest Gateaux, you know you’ve gone wrong somewhere!


But that sounds so delicious

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I can’t kick it. Stopping my sugar intake has been the #1 most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

Day #1 complete!