I ❤️CARBS! (and so should you!)

I started an experiment a couple weeks ago based on an actual lab experiment – sugar water vs ubiquitous sports drink. I’ve been taking in anywhere from 75-100g/hr of liquid carbs and the effects are astounding. I know, “Duh!”, but going from thinking I was fueling with enough carbs to actually fueling with enough carbs…I fear no interval! No bonk in sight and the RPE is crazy low. Now if I could only go back and tell my racing twentysomething self to carb the F up!

Now back to your regularly scheduled isolation.


That is pretty much all I eat. My co workers when we were going into the office always were asking how I was not 1,000 lbs. For some reason they think carbs are bad but they are just eating the wrong ones.


Or just eating carbs and not doing anything with them.
Different world when you eat 3 doughnuts and spend 2 hours burning 1,500 kJ vs 2 hours sitting on the couch eating 3 more doughnuts. Hmmm…on second thought I might be doing it all wrong!


The donut is a good example of what most of my co-workers eat. Don’t get my wrong I have a :doughnut: every now and then as long as it is maple. Bacon on top does not hurt either.


I need more carbs in my life :drooling_face:

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That can’t be a real thing, can it?:astonished:


Donut is that high carb + high fat combo that is delicious and calorie dense. When some people think of a high carb diet they think of pizza, french fries and donuts, which is not what a high carb diet is.

Welcome to the gains club! I hope you’re not racing in 35+ in the US :smiley:.


No…but get a few of those ‘Wine With Nate’ episodes under your belt and we might be an even match!


What’s this? A non-believer?! Of course bacon doughnut is a real thing!!
Now that I’m carb-strong, let me lift up that rock you’ve been living under. :wink:


Haha i had a similar revelation recently! I always heard 30-60 grams an hour and being a hobbit i always figured I should aim for 30. Always made it through workouts, but I can’t believe how much faster I recover with more carbs. They’re way more enjoyable/mentally doable too.



What does your typical training day nutrition look like?

1c oatmeal + raisins…occasionally dates; coffee; all-in ~100g carbs

varies – choco miloko, rice, pasta, sweet pots, some kinda protein, veggies, veggies, veggies!

Definitely not in weight loss mode right now so nothing too measured or drastic either way.


I feel like I haven’t lived. At least now I know what’s being holding me back. :joy:

You just ruined my life.


Carbs are super important. I eat 430g / day (more on very intense or long rides).


Ummm…what’s up with that dinner menu – potatoes and IPA?!? :man_shrugging:


This has a lot of super controlled research around it…and it’s the law of thermodynamics, but you lose weight by expending more calories than you consume.

They can put people in metabolic chambers and have them on a calorie deficit on low carb or high carb and they lose the same amount of weight. They actually lose slightly more fat but it’s not statistically significant.


Morning rides? Long overdue for taking a look at my macros again, breakfast was probably 100g of carbs (muesli-type cereal, blueberries, strawberries, banana bread) but I don’t know! And lunch 6 days a week is always mixed greens + leftover veggies and some protein. Today’s salad was topped with fridge leftovers - rice+beans+chicken, brussell sprouts, and broccoli. Sometimes I use tortillas as a carb+protein delivery system. After visiting my parents many years ago, my kids call it the “grandma goulash” approach to cooking LOL.


Yep, I eat an absurd amount of carbs compared to most and it makes an insane difference during my workouts, like others have said its all about eating healthy carbs. Not pizza and donuts :wink:

Haha I eat tons of potatoes. That’s also not the order of my daily intake. And IPA once or twice a week