Too much on plate?

I just completed my first IM and definitely have the itch to do another. My plan is to do sweet spot 1 & 2 then go base, build, specialty and target IM Wisconsin. I have a normal M-F 8am - 4pm job, so I didnt have any issues training previously.

I just picked up a seasonal job for some extra cash(and fund my new found tri habbit) working 8pm - 4am S/M/T. The job will end in late jan/early feb. Since sweet spot is 5 days a week I was planning on doing my workouts Wednesday thru Sunday with Monday/tuesdays off.

Think this is too heavy of a work load to do sweet spot training?

Everyone responds differently to training and a lot will depend on how well you can recover for the next session. You could give it a go and see how you feel. The problems might arise when you start doing the harder workouts, like anything above ftp as the back to back days might take there toll.

Wait what, you’ll work to 4am Sunday, then home, back out for an 8am start, work till 4pm, home, then out again for a 8pm start, work till 4am…etc until Tuesday?

You’ll get a max of 2x 2hours sleep for three nights a week?

I’d worry about your health and not if you can fit a MV training plan in.


My thoughts exactly. How can OP expect to recover on rest days if all they do is go to work on little to no sleep?

I assumed the other job was instead of, not as well as. Now after reading the above I might have got this wrong, if that’s the case then ignore my original reply and focus on your quality of life instead.

Going to do a follow up with my tail between my legs. Worked the first month and felt pretty good with the work/sleep schedule. Tried last week to start the training program and my results were AWFUL. Couldn’t complete any of the workouts 3 days in a row and stopped.

I will have to follow the above advice and put training on hold. The bright side is that the 2nd job will give me enough money for my first tribrike and all my IM entry fees and travel for 2020. I will wrap up early January and will be able to jump back into training then.