Somehow I have time for more?

I’m sure this has been answered before but I couldn’t find a definitive answer so I thought I’d throw this out there (also I’ve never contributed to a forum before in my life!)

I’m a triathlete and I have been planning to do some bike focused blocks for a while (cycling is definitely my weakest discipline) and a minor ankle injury from running has sparked this further and I’m putting some more time into my cycling over the next few months.

I’m planning on doing sweet spot base 1&2 between now and the new year. I’m going with low volume as a busy (aren’t we all) father of 3/full time job etc.

The thing is though I may have some weeks where I can fit more volume in (with reduced run volume/feeling really motivated right now). Rather than selecting medium volume and failing some weeks though, my hope is to crush low volume. But with extra workouts should I:

a) just move on to the next workout in the plan and potentially finish the plan ahead of schedule?
b) slot in a different workout in addition to the plan? If so what kind of workouts would compliment sweet spot work without hindering quality of prescribed workouts?

Anyone have expierience? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would go with B. From what I experienced in TR, the low volume plans aren’t necessarily easy so I think it’s best to go with adding easier workouts first like Petit or Carter.


Do NOT do A. This is not about cramming or finishing early. It’s about building fitness on a schedule.

If you have time to work (AND recover), it’s best to either do longer versions of the workouts, or slot in TSS fillers like suggested above.

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If you’re going to add onto low volume plans it should be mostly endurance with a little temp thrown in. Don’t add sweet spot or threshold. The low volume plans already cover your intensity.