New to TR - doing mid volume half IM plan but have extra time

Hello everyone. I am new to TR but will be starting the mid volume half IM plan to get ready for Ironman 70.3 Muskoka next year.

I have a lot of time before the race so I think I can add at least one extra block before I start the half iron distance plan. What should i add in before the half IM plan.

Thanks for the help!

Sweet spot base is always a good starting point. If you have time do 1 & 2 then move into your tri plan.


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Leave some wiggle room in your overall planning for sickness, life, etc.

I just planned out for a new A race in May. Ended up w enough time for a traditional block. But forgot my own advice above. So I am ruminating on it, not sure if I am ready for heavy training without a break (I am going hard for a race st the end of this month and would start almost immediately afterwards).

Basically, leave room for ‘life happens’.

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