Took Way Too Long to Complete 1st Sweet Spot Base Training

So quick background on me - I started doing triathlons about 15 months ago and also got my first road bike around that time. I come from an athletic background - ice hockey and tennis player, can run a mile is sub 5:40, but none of that has translated into my FTP so I got a trainer road subscription this summer. (160 FTP / 2.5 FTP/KG)

Now I started low volume sweet spot base this summer and basically took 12 weeks to finish a 6 week program - embarrassing I know.

I’m looking to do my first tri next June so how should I proceed in terms of training plan? Should I start again at and do Olympic Triathlon Base. I will be on the trainer 2x a week until February, then bump it up to 3x. Would love any and all suggestions - would really like to improve my FTP to 200+ by race day.

hello fellow tri noob! i started last year, did the Sprint training plan in Jan and then tried to do olympic training plan once that was done, in april.
I stuck to the Sprint one and didn’t for the olympic (just ended up riding outside more)

I did get better, and im guesstimating my ftp was close to 200 (i’d gotten up to 195 by end of April).
If you follow their plans, you will see increases, they have base build and specialty, so if you plan them out to match your race day, you should be good a optimally ready when your tri comes around. The tri plans try to make you ready in all 3 disciplines and i wish i’d followed the plan better, in retrospect.

The key here is consistency, the plans are designed to be completed over 6 weeks. So if you’re spreading that work over 12 weeks it sounds like your consistency is lacking.

Personally, I feel like you’d be better served by working on making sure you ride at least three times per week all winter as opposed to worrying about a specific plan.

I definitely wouldn’t jump to a build or specialty plan if I was having trouble getting in the base workouts. The plans build on each other and I don’t think I’d be prepared without doing the base phase first.

You’ve got lots of time so there’s no need to rush, as you’ve already found sticking to structured training can be a challenge but don’t worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:

I would continue on to Sweet Spot Base II with some light running and swimming for until winter, then focus on swimming 4 times per week through winter, ease up on bike and run. Pick up structure again in the spring with Sprint Base, then do Olympic base/build/speciality up to race day.