Pushing weekend workouts to mid-week?

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New to trainerroad and in week 3 of SSBMV1. Loving it so far and the volume seems perfect for me. I have a couple of weekends where I am traveling and will not be able to do the sat/sun workouts. My question is should I push those workouts to replace the Tuesday/Thursday workouts or just continue the Tue/Th and skip the weekend workouts, like is often recommended by the TR staff?

I am guessing it will have a lot to do with how much I can recover/how I am feeling. I do feel like it would be challenging to complete the weekend workouts on Tue/Th but I will have a few extra days to recover, so I think it could be worth it to get the more challenging work in.


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Do it, chop and change it as much as you need to other you’ll miss/fail workouts and up burning out. The days are just a guide, you can follow the plan in any way that suits you.

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Yup, shuffle and adjust as needed. Maybe look at the workouts in the week to alter, and keep the ones you think you need the most, or expect to improve an area of interest.

And/or consider doing longer versions of the tues/thurs workouts to make up for the lack of TSS that week – going harder on Thursday for instance.

Since I am new to this, when would it make more sense for me to do the weekday Sweet Spot long version rather than swapping the over/under or threshold weekend work for my Tue/Th?

I would guess it is just harder to recover from those more intense efforts? I was thinking since I would have the weekend off the bike (or on a gym bike, no PM) I could perform the more intense workouts and recover properly.

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I schedule the long rides for Thursday am. Stinks getting up earlier. But I can recover swim on Friday, do a long run Saturday and do the short ride on Sunday. I am also not totally exhausted on Monday anymore.

Try the move.

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I always have to move my workouts around as I work a rotating schedule where I work fri-sun every other weekend. Do what you got to do!