Advice on Summer Weekly Schedule

Any and all input welcome!

This is the first year I’ve gone completely off the reservation with training, doing my own thing without a plan. So far, seems to be going better than WITH a plan. I’ve been doing sweet spot since December, 7-8 hrs a week on the trainer, ~3:20-3:40 in sweet spot per week. Will have worked up to 1x90 in 3-4 weeks hopefully.

Question is this: I have a hard group ride I do on Wed and Saturday. The Wed one is fast, and I mostly hang on, take my turn on the front when it comes up, chase down atfacks. The Saturday one I have the ability to set a lot of the pace myself.

How would you fill in around Wed and Saturday group rides ? I have an hour to 1:15 a day availble during the week, potentially 5hr a day Saturday and Sunday.

Goal is to be ready for crits in July, and cross in October

I wouldn’t ride hard on the Tuesday if the Wednesday ride is flat out. If you have time to ride then an easy endurance ride / recovery ride.