Time in Zones - Totals for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly / Annual, etc

I really appreciate the time in zone graph below when analyzing a workout. Would it be possible to develop a chart that showed time in zones for the week? The month? Custom time-frame, etc? Thanks


Would certainly help folks trying to get Polarized!

On this same note there is a “add” power zone button on the power zone chart in the summary of each ride. I added my polarized zones in the last ride I did and I assumed my new added zones would be in subsequent rides. I guess it only adds the custom zones for that one ride because they did not show up in my rides after…I would have to re-add them to each ride. I wonder if there is a way to add zones and have them always be in each work out summary. If so there may be a way to export the data to google sheets or excel and get the “time in zone”.


No option for repeat zones or intervals at this time.

They have to be done for each workout right now.

Of topic, looks like we need to talk about our respective polarized training, @barrett59105 . :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Chad. Yes we do. I’m currently doing sweet spotbase low volume just as maintenance. I was curious to see what percentages of the sweet spot plan fall into z1 and z3 of my current plan.

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Ah, got it. Let me know what you find. But I suspect it will he heavy in Z2 on the POL chart.

I’ve updated my chart a bunch since I shared it with you at the Challenge. Might be worth grabbing a new copy.

I would really want to be able to see my zones by period also. Was able to on training peaks I think but want to just use one medium for this

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As the title suggests, I would like to request a weekly sum of TSS by zone. I had this idea while brainstorming about how to effectively mix indoor and outdoor rides. Given that not all TSS is created equal and working in different zones causes different adaptations. I think it would help TR users to better understand the physiological effects of their outdoor rides and better integrate them to their TR plans.


I’d like to push this up. Are there any plans on weekly/season overview of times in zones?

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Further development into data analytics and informative summary metrics are something that we are definitely interested in moving forward, however, they are still slated behind some other major projects for now.

It’s still on our roadmap, but it’s a lower priority than some other projects we’re tackling at the moment.

Thanks for the update!

If your TR rides are on Strava you can use my app (https://intervals.icu) to get weekly zone totals, TSS etc.


I just set up Strava, but unfortunately it does only sync my rides from the last 90 days via Garmin Connect… is there a way to bulk export data from TR or GC? I did not find anything.

I thought about setting up a free TrainingPeaks account (to use the export feature) to sync with GC, but my guess is that this will also only sync 90 days of data. Any tips?

Unfortunately all I found was this post: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216917877-Import-Historical-Data-From-Garmin-Connect

I didn’t know Strava would only do last 90 days.

I was also going to request this

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what about an export that allows us data nerds to compile the data however we want…i guess we could try to export from garmin (say the tcx file) with some kind of software

Linked to Strava and you get this…


This is awesome, thanks!


very nice!


I think this is a good idea, as well. I’ll have to check out this “intervals.icu” site to see if it answers my questions.

I’d also be curious to compare average time in zones between outside training rides and indoor rides. I know we assume, for good reasons, that trainer rides are a more efficient use of time, but it would be interesting to see the degree to which that is the case for me individually.

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