Time in Zones - Totals for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly / Annual, etc

How did you change setting to Polarised? Mine seems defaulted to pyramidal and I cannot see how to change it.

You can’t chance that. It’s calculated on the basis of your time in zones.

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Must be able to. See Chad Mcheese post above which has polarised view compared to mine showing Pyramidal view.

It is allocating Chad and your training to different models based on your training history. So it slots you to the model you best fit.


I see. Thanks for the calrification.

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+1 on this request. :slight_smile:

Bump on this request.

I had this exact thought this morning, especially since there’s been a lot of “time in zone” chat on the podcast lately. Checked in to see if anyone else had and was not surprised to see that the hive mind already come up with this.

Even better, have an option to show time in zone as a percentage breakdown on the weekly TSS bar chart. Like this:

time in zone


Thanks David!! Great stuff!

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Another +1 on this here.

Ps: I really really like the time in zone on the TSS graph…which programme is this from??

I wish this was a thing, but I just mocked it up in photoshop to suggest the UI change to the TR interface. The closest I’ve found is the zone summary on side of the calendar at intervals.icu.

You can get pretty much exactly that plot on the /fitness page in Intervals.icu:

This is the 3 zone version but you can plot all 7 if you prefer.


Strongly agree, espacially given all the discussion about polarized and pyrimidal training. Also given AT, I think this is a natural piece. I understand my training changes through the year, and through phases and then into my racing season (TT). I also train outside differently to inside to provide variety and add to that. The whole combination is important, and this idea of seeing time in zones is so informative.

  • per week
  • per month
  • per training block
  • per chosen season (eg race or winter training).

Also I would like to go back to prior successfuls easons and see what my mix has been. in my case that was 2018 an 2019. I think understanding that mix, whatever it was, would be insightful.

Final two options

  1. to be able to contrast the zones for inside rides with outside rides. I definitely train diffeently outside often pushing longer and harder on hills and doing very long tempo sweet spot rides for my longer TTs
  2. Being able to separate races from training. I have asked previously that races be shown in different coloyr on the calendar, but it has not happened. For me where races are in that calendar is vital as it dictates the pattern of training. This sounds like single race analysis but I raced over 30 TT in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, so looking at patterns in races might be insightful.


Polarized is NOT about TiZ on a per workout basis. It’s simpler. 80% of your rides are in POL Z1 and 20% are in POL Z3. Don’t worry about the nitty-gritty details of TiZ as it relates to Z1 vs Z3.

So if you ride 6 hours per week, 5 hours of the week is devoted to Z1 rides and 1 hour is devoted to Z2. It’s not adding up all the time you spend above a certain wattage or heart rate.

Seiler’s early observational studies (for example this one) quantified both time in zone (91% of all training by the athletes was below VT1, and 2.6% was over VT2), and per workout intent (75ish% of all workouts were steady-state endurance sessions, and performed below VT1, while 17% were interval training, and around that % of workouts exceeded VT2).

However, his intervention studies (like this one) characterized the polarization by time in zone, not session intent.

Is it reasonable to separate out your workouts by intent? Sure, especially if you do enough of them (in that first study I linked to, the athletes averaged 35 workouts in 32 days!) If you are doing 3 workouts per week then it gets harder. Is it reasonable to separate out your effort by time in zone? Well, the researchers seem to think so. Is either one what polarized training is really about? I don’t think the answer is clear-cut as you say.


Wow this tool is insane, thanks a lot!!

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I’d love to be able to see at the end of the year how my training/riding for the year has aggregated across the seven zone model. Would help me determine if I may be overemphasizing / underemphasizing a certain system/zone. Would also be interesting to be able to compare years historically across the zones.

I moved your post under an existing feature request that essentially covered the idea. I updated the title to capture “yearly” as well since it wasn’t in there before, but was covered under the “etc.” previously.

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Hey! I checked with the team about this to see what the odds are of getting this on the roadmap. While it would be a cool feature in a visual representation of how much time you spend in zone per year, we aren’t sure that the ‘lift’ needed for developers to create this feature would result in a tool that a *significant number of athletes could use and apply in their training.

We’ll keep an eye on this dialogue to look out for more ways in which athletes could utilize a feature like this. Thanks for dropping a note about it!


Ok, Ivy, thank you very much for the follow up.


Thanks Ivy, Actually having listened to a few podcasts on the Time in Zone, I think what would help me most would be a TiZ for each training Block as well as other suggestions. Pre and post the plan execution. That way the TiZ can be checked and tuned. Also in it inclued the planned rides outside the TR plan (so using a LV plan, but adding extra Z2 workouts) that would be useful also.

However this feels like a “Nice to have” against the long promised outside ride assessments. Not sure where that is any more.

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