Feature request: weekly/monthly cumulative time spent in power zone stats

I’ve always wondered what my weekly cumulative time spent in each power zone was compared to what was scheduled in my training plan. This year as spring turned into summer I began substituting indoor rides with outdoor rides so I wanted to know if I was perhaps spending too much time in one power zone and not enough in another. I’m thinking that I could correlate that information against FTP/race results.
For example, my training plan might want me to spend 8hrs in sweet spot for a given month. I end up substituting workouts with outdoor rides, and perhaps only end up spending 4hrs in sweet spot. That might tell me to perhaps limit the outdoor rides. Or perhaps I’m still able to hit the 8hrs in sweet spot even with outdoor rides; that info might tell me I’ve nothing to worry about. Hope I’m making sense.
Would that be useful for anyone else?


Yes, absolutely. Currently we get it in the details of the individual ride, but not grouped. Would be nice to be able to see time in zone over a period of time, or a particular grouping of rides.

fully agree…and would add to that that for triathletes statistics about how much time / zone spend per the 3 different disciplines would also help to see how the distribution of training looks like.

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