Analyse time in HR zones (Heart Rate)

Want to easily see how long I spend in various HR zones over the course of a week.

Any, preferably free, software that can do this without to much work?

Much prefer an iOS or Android app as I don’t have a pc or Mac at the minute.

I don’t any free software, but will do what you are asking for for different time ranges.

Doesn’t trainingpeaks offer a free version? Don’t know if offers this report in the free version but definitely does in the subscription version


Don’t see it in the free version of TP, although I’ve been using the mobile version.

Will double check the full website later.

I get weekly summaries with Polar Flow, but it needs a head unit which isnt free. I can recommend the M460 . I just need TR to sync the outside ride API!

The free version of Trainingpeaks does have time in HR zone.


I think you can also access that via the Elevate Chrome/Strava plugin.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s hard to find on the mobile version (if it’s there at all).

Try the website and look at the dashboard tab charts library for time in heart rate zone

Doesn’t your HRM app have that info? :man_shrugging:

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I see something in TP. Doesn’t let me customise but could work. Cheers.

See something in Wahoo software now as well… Amazing what you come across when you look :slight_smile:

Garmin only has a summary of individual workouts, and only if they were recorded using your garmin. TR collects HR data during the TR rides, and TIZ is not displayed for those workouts.

Elevate plugin gives you time in HR zone per activity. I don’t think it gives you a summary across all activities in a period of time though.

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Not an answer - but I wonder why TR doesn’t add time in HR Zone in the way it does for power - and for that matter I wonder why you can’t view time in power (or HR) zone on a daily or weekly basis. Would be a great addition if it did.