TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!

Both of those are coming and being worked on now.


@Nate_Pearson any chance we can get a summary metric (by week) showing time in zone (either by % or total time), for the different training zones that are shown in the analytics page?


Yes! Absolutely. There is no way to e.g do a run in TrainerRoad app (free ride for instance) connected to stryd, then change workout type to run from cycling. That would be a workaround for now.

Im sure this has been covered previously, but if the likes of elevate and golden cheetah can all track CTL\ATL\TSB on a PMC etc then why is this omitted from the calendar?

To make it a fully functional toolset that covers all the bases it really does need this, along with all swim\run TSS.


They could add it, but they choose not too.



Here is a related Feature Request.


I went searching but couldn’t find if there was a request in another thread.

Does anyone know when “Mark as Completed” will come to the Mobile App?

I have my SO on the Triathlon plans and she only uses the Mobile app, so I end up having to be the one to mark her runs and PT exercises that I’ve put in as complete since she can’t do it from the app and won’t be bothered to login on mobile web :laughing:

I know this link has been posted before but I thought I would introduce it to this thread.
If you are a Strava user you can use this app until TR implements such a feature.

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Nothing concrete that I have seen. I doubt that will happen until the mobile app gets it’s full overhaul released, but that’s a guess.

It’s being worked on now with a new mobile app. No launch date to share but it’s a priority.


This weekly summary feature in Calendar makes me feel like I’m losing my mind.

For the week completed / remaining:

  • TR: 2:05 / 2:00
  • Outside: 1:13 / 2:45

What I expect to see for total hours:

  • 3:18 / 4:45

What I actually see:


Where is the Calendar getting 3:15? That is absolutely driving me crazy. During any week it appears impossible to use the weekly summary to easily calculate the total hours for the week. I’m going to end at 8:03 for the week, and if I add 3:18 and 6:00 that gives me an extra 75 minutes. :exploding_head:

I think it’s Completed/Planned, not remaining.

Thanks. Given that “feature” it appears I made two mistakes:

  • loading Tuesday’s 35 minute workout using the app (considered as “not planned”)
  • extending Wednesday’s Tallac by 15 minutes (those extra 15 minutes are considered “not planned”)

And now at mid-week, the TR hours are completely useless to me. And I can’t easily answer two simple questions if I add a Sunday ride:

  • how many hours will I have for the week?
  • how much TSS for the week?



I agree it’s a bit confusing and we can improve that.


Thanks Nate. I’m also questioning the value of the current approach. It kinda feels like a hidden workout compliance feature, but not really.

Why not? It gives you the completed TSS and time. You just add what is coming. I guess I see what you’re saying in that you have to calculate it yourself, but I actually prefer the way it is. I like to know what I did and what I planned to do. That way I can look back and see if I was slacking that week (planned more but didn’t complete it) or if I went above my planned training. That said, I get where you’re coming from and maybe they can add a third calculation based on what you’ve completed plus what you have next, as well as what is planned.

Is there any way to change the calendar so that Sunday is the first day of the week instead of Monday? I have unsuccessfully searched for the answer to this question in the forum.

Nope, not possible. M-Su is the only way it shows.

No, not right now. Sorry