Testosterone, Mid-Race Mechanicals, Dirty Kanza and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 191

We’re answering more of your coaching questions on Episode 191 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! Join us live as we discuss testosterone’s effect on performance, mid-race mechanical strategies, Dirty Kanza training, rapid fire questions for Coach Chad and much more!

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Live Notes

Coach Jonathan’s Post on Knee Rehab:

Pivot Mach 429 SL:

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit:

Tire Boot Patch:

Pedros Tire Levers:

Criterium Specialty Plan:

The Dirty Kanza Gravel Grinder:

Global DRO:

How Aging Athletes Can Get Faster:

Is Alcohol the Reason You’re Not Getting Faster:


You should give a shout out to Von (aka Mrs @GPLama ) for rocking a trainerroad kit in the lama drives video today.


Sometimes the W/O text is distracting. How about a STFU button so you can kill them mid ride. Alternately, how about having James Earl Jones read them as Darth Vader.

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If you prefer not having the workout text, you can turn them off in settings by unchecking the “Show Instructional Text”


When I find my self annoyed and distracted by the text I’m usually at 150%. :wink:

@Ian hey pass this on to the coaches. Regarding the helicopter pilot rest piece: I have a variable schedule flying red eye flight every week but, then have to turn around and be ready for a early am flight segment. On top of that I choose to bid reserve (on call) so I never know when/if I will fly.
My schedule is different day to day, week to week and month to month…I’ve found sort of analogous to"time at VO2" vs. power, time sleeping in a 24 hour period is the important aspect to combat the problems with our schedules and to keep training. I no longer worry or can sleep 8 hours in a row. But, I can get 8 hours in a 24 maybe in two or three sleep cycles. Only after I attain 8 hours (or whatever works for the individual) do I think about riding.

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Also @Ian or if the helicopter pilot is reading… since I’ve started using a smart watch tracking HR and sleep I think just for the fact I’m tracking it and aware I’m sleeping more. So track your sleep.

Will do @KorbenDallas! Thank you for sharing your experiences with a constantly changing schedule and night shifts! This is some valuable insight for this with a similar situation!

Any info on a lightweight chain tool to carry on MTB endurance races?

There are a lot of different options. The EDC (everyday carry) form OneUp does it all and can all be fitted in the head tube. Take a look here (oneups website is currently down)

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I use the park tool brute. It’s a little heavier than I’d like, but I’d be wary of going smaller/lighter until I know the smaller/lighter tool can do the job.

I’ve broken/joined chains with the park tool brute, and even using this tool, it’s not exactly what I’d describe as easy.



Just wanted to thank Coach Chad for his input on VO2 Max… thought it was absolutely brilliant summary of how it all works, and gave me a much better understanding how the VO2 max sessions work, particularly around the duration of intervals and repeatability. The point about the effects of over pushing yourself in a workout and its impact on subsequent workouts rang true with me.
It was a good reminder of how talented coach Chad is… it would be great to hear more insights like this from him on the podcasts.


@Ian can i please get a link to “Chad’s Books”?

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Some older info.


thanks @mcneese.chad, Yeah I guess that 2016 post needs some updating :upside_down_face:

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All good info, though.

I expect the OP will be updated with the more recent stuff mentioned today.

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I carry this, 164 grams:


I am curious about how fast it is to get at the tools using the system. I watched their installation video a while back on a whim. I also wonder if it is compatible with a carbon steerer since it was not carbon in said video.

Lezyne makes very light multi tools, some with tire levers and co2 chuck.

@Nate_Pearson you guys jinxed me! I was listening to your podcast (via bluetooth beanie) on my ride this morning and you started talking about tubeless plugs and about 10 minutes later I noticed my tubeless rear tyre was getting flatter. I stopped to pump it up but it went down again. Ended up putting a tube in it to get home! Don’t you know it’s bad luck to say the p word?!?

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