Can we have more variety in the podcasts please?

Hello Guys.

Please don’t shoot!!!

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy the podcasts, is there any chance we can have a bit more variety in the podcasts?

I get the impression that a lot of recent episodes have concentrated on Road Racing & Tactics and on quite a number of rather obscure nutritional topics.

What about more stuff on general cycling, more on Time Trials, updates on aero testing, cycling tours, cycle camping, ultra long distance cycling, equipment etc. etc.

Many Thanks.


All these topics are covered in depth in past episodes. In some cases in a LOT of detail. Training for the TT was spread over a crazy number of shows on all aspects of equipment, training, nutrition, aero testing, position, etc. If you’re looking for variety, look back over the past 200+ episodes in the catalog.


I would like to hear more on psychology and what the TR knows from big data. I’m sure they’ve seen trends on what works for different types of fitness levels. Are there certain workout sequences that make people give up or go outside and ride?

Would also like to know if there are certain benchmarks we can derive other power numbers from, say I have a 300wFTP, how much power should I be able to make for 1, 5, and 10-minutes? If I have a 400w 5-minute, should I train something else?


Good thoughts. Have you submitted any questions for the podcast yet? Most of the podcast is answering user questions. They can only answer the ones they get.


This was covered in a previous episode. I want to say a recent episode, but I always am amazed how fast time flies and an episode I think was recent was over a year old…

I’m also interested if there are any subscribers they watch are any users they’re impressed with. I started this hobby with no fitness at all, did no cardio at all between age 13 and 33 so I’m looking for stories of hope, lol.


I am looking for something a little more in depth. Does positive or negative thought produce better results? Does seeing certain numbers or increases inspire or reduce progress?

There are quite a few books dealing with these kind of topics mentioned in previous posts and podcasts.

I for one am thrilled with the content. One very happy customer especially since its free. It seems they are hitting a huge variety of topics on every podcast.

Just need more race videos NATE :wink:


Just need more @Nate_Pearson He is the most entertaining host; always makes me laugh.
PS no offence to the others, they bring a lot to the table as well.


I AGREE wholeheartly.


I would like to hear more on psychology and what the TR knows from big data. I’m sure they’ve seen trends on what works for different types of fitness levels. Are there certain workout sequences that make people give up or go outside and ride?

Agree! There ought to be lots of interesting statistics and newsworthy data to be drawn from the large dataset TR has?!

That sounds like you’re after the Matt Fitzgerald book “How bad do you want it?”
Highly recommend reading.

I think they interviewed him for an episode.

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When is @chad going to start racing again? Also, keep him busy researching stuff, his insight and understanding of coaching, nutrition, and the science of sport is fascinating.

They definitely do have some interesting data for a variety of different things. But as Nate has mentioned somewhere else on the forum, it also gives them a competitive advantage to have this information over Zwift, etc. (though I’d be shocked if Zwift didn’t collect similar data) So he said that a lot of it wasn’t going up be released.

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We are trying to build AI products around this. No promises, it’s not easy :slight_smile:.


There’s one releasing soon and 5 to be edited. Where hiring someone to edit these videos for us so that they come out faster.


Thank you so much Nate. It seems you are continually adding more value every month!

On a personal note I really have to thank you. Without you documenting your racing journey I would not be racing. Did my first club crit last night. There was a big crash last year in this race where 6 guys went down. Only 4 guys showed up for the slow group last night and 9 from the fast group. One of them is a cat 3 or expert cyclecross rider who dropped down from the fast group to ride with us. I did a 70km road ride with him last year and he blew me up in the first 5 km.

Last night I was able to hang on the whole race. A few times he tried to sprint away on his own and I was able to raise my power up while seated to stay with him. I averaged 38.7 km an hour for 30 minutes plus 3 laps. In the end I forgot all tactics and chased a break on the last lap and passed him only to be beat by the expert by a half bike length.

At 50 ,40 lbs overweight and still recovering a bit from hernia surgery I’m more than pleased. If I can lose the weight who knows.

They told me last night that I might not embarrass myself if I join some real cat 5 races. Still nervous about it especially in a large group of riders but I think I’m going to try it in 2 weeks.

Any ways without your experiences I would not have even tried! You have certainly made a difference for me on my journey! Thanks much.

This weekend ghost of the gravel. 120 km gravel race up here in Alberta.

Y’all should come up for it!


Remember too that the podcasts come from our questions- want more variety… submit questions on different subjects.


Definitely agree with this. Being humble is definitely an endearing quality.

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I have already. I’m talking about going forward.

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