Improving Watts/Kilo, Steep Climbs, Team Time Trials and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 278

Building your fitness to improve your watts/kilo, how to prepare for rides that finish with steep climbs, how to train for team time trials and more in Episode 278 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

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Length is only 14mins in Google Podcast

Whats the strength training guys surname? I know he’s called Derek .

Congrats, @Tucker and best of luck as you move on in your career! :smiley:


Thanks for letting us know about this. It seemed to be an issue on our podcast server’s end.

The full file has been uploaded now. So try re-downloading the podcast on your podcast app and it should all be there.


Thank you! It has been great working behind the scenes and doing podcast production and video editing. I will miss it! That said, I am definitely stoked to be moving into the next chapter of my career.


Thanks Tucker, looks like it’s all fixed now :slight_smile:

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still shows up as 13 minutes on Spotify. And best of luck Tucker! The podcast has been at such a high bar for so long and I know you have been a big part of that.

Yep, was still 13 or 14 minutes on spotify a couple of hours ago!

Spotify says 14 minutes, but I am able to download the full episode if I hit download (as of an hour ago - didn’t test before then)

This episode gets the award for most and longest awkward silence(s) for @Nate_Pearson 's borderline eating disorder sidebar! I actually laughed out loud on my run today cause the feeling of nobody knowing what to say was like some crazy staged setup in the office.


Yeah, that was quite an unpleasant topic. Also, a wildly unhealthy idea imo, you should know better Nate :joy:.


Gotta admit that after seeing the topics covered I immediately downloaded the podcast and went to the end for the very last question.

same here:

best news all week! :beer:


Lately there has been some good discussions on the podcast around unhealthy eating behaviors etc. Nates comment was pretty stupid, and im not sure why he is so obsessed with wkg to the point of suggesting those kind of measures.

I’ve been anywhere from 4.5-5.2 wkg over last few years. Guess what those changes did to my race results at the top and bottom of that range? not much. In non world tour races without mountain climbs, ftp as wkg really doesn’t matter that much. In fact, i’ve been beaten in most cases by others with lower wkg numbers. Lets move on from that as a metric of cycling “status” for lack of better words.


What part (time) of the podcast was this?

Starts around 44 minutes into the episode.

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I totally agree and understand that some people react to this…

But like many things in life, you must be able to mention crazy ideas, laugh about it, discuss it etc. without people hearing it complaining that its “unnecessary and dangerous”.

He was obviously experimenting himself, wasn’t recommending it seriously, and just talked through the crazy idea and execution of his plan to lose a few lbs more.

No, it might not not a good idea to take laxatives to clear out the intestines before a race, but let Nate try that if he feels like he wants to do it.

For people listening to the podcast taking it as genuine advice, use some common sense…


The point for me is that he should know better, and its clear he has a wkg obsession.


Yes, that might be the case, and for a larger guy he maybe feels like its his achilles… (same for me at 82kg) It’s clear that he does all he can to improve that, which in this case included a bit of weird, unhealthy, and definitely not recommended practises. That doesnt mean that I am gonna do it. Why? Because common sense.

But where does one draw the line of what is OK to discuss and not discuss?

Hypothetically, would it be had been better to say that sleeping in an altitude tent every night would help his performance? Or are we gonna have people come in and say that it’s bad to recommended that because it would most likely affect his wife and family negatively and mentioning it would be irresponsible?