Team Camp in Planbuilder

Hi All,

My team is planning a training camp in February and i’d like some advice on how to plan for it in the planbuilder. My first impression is to use the stage race function to include it in the plan, but i’d be open to hear suggestions?


At first read I thought you wanted to organise the team camp. Now I think you might be trying to plan your preparation for the camp?

I’m not a plan builder expert but I would:

  1. try to get an idea of the agenda for the week
  2. set the “big/hard” days of the camp as C races

Sorry about the confusion. Yes, trying to input a team camp into plan builder to prepare and ensure it’s part of the training plan.

Do you think it would make more sense for an A race so that i recover into the week and after?

That largely depends on the relative stress (TSS and such) that you get from the camp vs your typical training load. If the camp is as big or bigger than your typical peak week, yes, A-event makes sense because PB will give you a recovery week to follow.

Thats what I just did, set the Team camp which is very hard week, big TSS, so I made camp a Climbing Road Race and will treat it as that.

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Thanks guys. I’ll use the stage race function of plan builder and make it an A event to taper into and recovery the week after for adaptation.


Good call on the stage race, vs a one day a race. I’ll give that a shot too.