Training for a bucket list ride

A little background. I am 39 been riding for 20 yrs on and off. 2011 - 2013 I raced beginners XC and was using trainer road in the off season as well as strength training. When my daughter was born I stopped XC racing and got into bike packing. I pretty much stopped everything in 2018. I have committed to doing the MTN 420 in Sept 2021. It’s 430 miles, 60,000 ft. of climbing, totally self supported, and I will have 7 days to complete it. Currently I’m 220lbs and have 190 FTP. Started riding again 2 weeks ago and started sweet spot base low volume last week. Tues evening I do a pretty high intensity group trail ride that is 15- 20 miles. Thurs evening I do a moderate 20 mile gravel ride. Since the plan builder doesn’t really have an event like this I wasn’t sure how to build it out exactly. My first question is how to build out my weeks. Last week I did the ramp test Monday, 22 mile trail ride Tuesday, Ericsson -1 Wednesday, skipped the gravel ride Thurs due to rain, and Baxter on Friday. Gave me a TSS of 301 for the week. I feel like if I had done the gravel ride I would have never completed Baxter. My second question is how to use the plan builder to come up with a plan for the year. Thanks for the help and if I forgot to include any information needed just ask and I’ll provide it.

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Check out this conversation about planning for multi-day races

So it looks like you are recommending I enter it in plan builder like a stage race. I will try that and see what it comes up with. I have never done a stage race but I assume I would just enter in how far I plan to go each day?

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I’m not recommending it. Just pointing you towards a similar conversation that might help you gather some relevant information since they share some parallels.

Worth a go in lieu of someones recommendation with more experience