Volume Block / Training Camp: C "Event" Stage Race?

If I want to do an unstructured (but mostly z2) volume block, what’s the best way to get plan builder to incorporate it? It’s not ‘time off’ but also I won’t really be able to do detailed interval work during that time. It just occurred to me that logging it as a “stage race” C event in my calendar might actually be an ideal way to feed it into the TR system. Has anyone tried this? Anyone have a different preferred method?

(I’m thinking of doing the Festive 500 all outdoors this year. I usually respond pretty well to a big volume block, and it’s a nice doable-but-hardy challenge to take on in Scotland. I’m also feeling the need for more outdoor time this season from a motivation/soul standpoint. So in my case this is a semi-arbitrary ‘volume block’ but I recognise that it might be relevant to anyone planning something like a training camp in a very similar way.)

I’ve always just deleted the workouts the week prior to a recovery week, and then scheduled Banderia where you want it.

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Adding that training camp as a C Stage Race would be a great way to incorporate it!

Plan Builder will remove any workouts you have during that time so you can work around it. If it happens to fall on a recovery week, you could move your recovery workouts to after your volume block.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about getting everything set up!

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What’s a ‘volume block’?

Volume is comprised of time and intensity.