Incorporating group rides into plan builder

I’m interested in the plan builder functionality to build up a solid training plan but am not sure if/how regular group rides can be incorporated. As I understand it to build the plan you enter in the hours you’re available to train and the intensity and a plan will be built from those inputs. The problem I have is that I participate in group rides most weeks and I’m not sure how they could be factored into any plan. For example if I simply reduce the number of available hours in trainer road I can’t see how it can factor in the training stress of the group rides which would risk under / over training. Ideally there would be an option to enter planned rides that could be factored in but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Has anyone else figured out a way for managing this ?

Before applying your Plan Builder, enter your group rides as C events. I think you can even use the recurring option if needed.

Once you have those all entered, then run PB and it will work around those events.


Awesome thanks. Will give it a go

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