Taper week SSB HIGH vol

Im in the 6th week of SSB high volume one.
Can i switch these endurance rides for some sweetspot work or some zwift race’s
Cus i feel pretty fresh.
Or i just use the taper week to recover and get some endurance rides?

What are you doing following the taper week?

Kinda counterintuitive to be doing more work on a recovery week. Be careful to not create too much stress for whatever you have planned next.


Use the week as designed to recover a bit. SSB high vol 2 starts you at 600 TSS and brings you up to over 700 TSS… assuming that’s where you’re going next, and unless your FTP is low, that is a LOT of work on the trainer.

It’s easy sometimes to get caught up when the training is going well and you feel like you can do more and more… until you can’t anymore. And sometimes that period of “can’t” lasts longer than if you just worked in the recovery week as planned.

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Strongly recommend recovering - SSB HV 2 is a lot. Even if you are feeling fresh right now (possibly because your FTP was increasing during SSB HV 1 so the last few weeks were easier than they should’ve been) you will be hurting next week once you reassess your FTP and start hitting those 600+ TSS weeks. Go into it fresh, your body will thank you in 3-4 weeks

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Ok thanks.
I did the ramp test today went from 225 ftp to 251ftp. 3.6wkg to 4.0kg.

So a big chance for me. Im also a bit scared those sweetspot trainings will be to hard.

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Im starting SSB 2 HIGH VOL.

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