SSB2- Scheduling and fatigue

Hi all, looking for some help!

Im in ssb2 low vol (but with additional endurance ride (petit/carter etc) and v hard group ride once a week), so the volume is similar to a mid volume plan.

I’m in week 4. Week 5 was going to be cancelled due to Christmas, so I was going to cut the plan short by one week regardless.

Im a cat 3 uk, been using TR for around 5 years, around 4.1 w/kg - although this is still below my ‘typical’ 4.3-4.4 wk/kg as I was injured earlier in the year.

However, I need a break. I know from experience when I need recovery. Legs cooked, motivation down etc.

If Christmas break wasn’t just one week away, I would probably take this week as a recovery week and then repeat weeks 3,4,5 of SSB2.

I’m considering going to a long/higher vol z2 route for the final week of the plan, then taking recovery week. My rationale is it’s better than two recovery weeks back to back, but won’t fry my legs. I’ll enjoy it too. I’ve got no upcoming events etc so I can repeat SSB2 in the new year from scratch week 1.

The alternative is HTFU, finish this week, and enjoy xmas.

Any opinions or advice is welcome. I’m fairly flexible as I have no events/goals other than raise ftp to my old baseline.


No reason to HTFU. Do what will make you happy/motivated to ride this week, take your recovery week and then redo SSB2 in the new year. If you’ve got the time you can modify it to take it out to 8 weeks so you’re not as cooked next time around. (It would look something like 1,2,3,6,3,4,5,6.)

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If you push too hard, you’ll put yourself and your immune system in a hole for Xmas.

Not sure that’s the easiest way to enjoy Xmas this year.