High TSS question 3rd week ssbhv

Did my ftp ramp test 2 weeks ago. Got a number 10w then I did 3 months prior. Not a big deal I had ended my season in october and was resting.

Week 1 SSBHV plan first week and have no issues hitting all my work outs, felt good, got a ride outside and over shot the goal by 100tss.

Week 2 SSBHV plan I have no issues hitting my work outs and ride outside and end up 300tss above my weekly goal. What has me bothered is in my outside ride I logged 400tss in 4 hours 20min of riding, my normalized power was 20w lower then my ftp.

Week3 SSBHV - todays workout I had no issues, I can feel the fatigue, but this is also fasted riding at 4am. Not ideal but I am limited to when I can throw in 2 hour work outs.

Talking to friends about the tss and they all say something is wrong. So I get nervous and spend hours reading about this issue.

I think I need to retake my ftp test, but the last 2 tests have all been within 10w.

So what if I take the new FTP test and it goes up 10 watts. Should I stick to SSBHV or switch to something else as it appears that system is running well?

do a 20 min or 60 min test instead. compare the numbers

how do you feel after each workout? fresh? it should leave you pretty tired if you have the right FTP set.

using the trainerroad calendar function to input a race event with 10/10 effort for 4 hours and 20 minutes puts you at 375 tss. It seems that your tss is way too high. the high volume should be pretty intense as it is excluding the outside workouts.

why not try bumping up the watts by another 10 and see how it feels. personally, I test 10 watts lower than my ramp test. for example i test 200 but I add another 10 since I know ive been training at 210 for a while.

stick to your plan but try to increase the FTP setting if it still feels easy, its a long process to gain fitness. what you dont want to do is week 5 or 6 and one of those insanely hard workout comes, it will completely knock you off your feet and the next 3 workouts are unbearable.

also, fasted riding isnt recommended by the trainerroad podcast team. they say, always eat before your workout and eat the same amount even if its your off day since you’ll need the calories for the next workout. keeping things consistent makes it way easier to build your fitness.

hope it helps!

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You need to adjust your FTP by allot. Should not be able to get much more than 300 TSS for all out 4h.

I increased my FTP incrementally during SSBHV1 and 2 last year as I got fitter my SS range is about 140-150bpm - as soon as it dropped into the mid 130’s I added another 5W. This worked well. However, near the end of SSBHV2 the fatigue level really climbs - it is not that each session kills you but 120/90/12090/120/120 mins throughout the week especially some of the tough SS sessions like Wright peak -1 and Tallach+4 really test you even if your HR won’t climb much. If you are adding a lot of extra TSS your FTP is to low, your very young, you don’t have a job or you are some kind of superman! Also I found HV made my weight crash (I’m about 61kg - but it dropped to 59kg) and made me ill as I was struggling to get enough food in after training while working ……so don’t do the HV sessions fasted. My big problem started when I started the HVSPbuild - I managed the 2 base programs - build (with 120 min sessions with 8x5mins @108% FTP killed me). Certainly retest - you can’t do 400TSS in 4 hours - even in a 100 mile time trial - 100TSS is flat out for an hour at FTP - you can’t do that for 4 hours so your FTP is to low - retest but be wary of adding to much extra volume to an already tough plan

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I drank a glass of OJ. I have to take my NP thyroid and I am not supposed to eat for the first hour. Have to be to work at 7am and drop the kid off. Today I work from home so I ate some carbs and the work out will be a bunch easier.

In terms of how the work outs feel, 93% of ftp is pretty hard, but I never thought I couldn’t finish. I found Antelope +5 to be a good work out, again did that fasted. Hunter -1 the middle intervals did hurt.

Thanks for the responses guys. I am going to retest at the end of the 6 week block and maybe do a test outside of the ramp test.

It could also be my power meter outside is reading a different number then my inside power meter and throwing my tss off. I am getting stupid high TSS on outside rides. I also live somewhere very hilly. If my quarq is reading 30w higher outside vs my H2 it could be part of the issue.

It could also be my power meter outside is reading a different number then my inside power meter and throwing my tss off. I am getting stupid high TSS on outside rides. I also live somewhere very hilly. If my quarq is reading 30w higher outside vs my H2 it could be part of the issue.

This is probably what is going on. Have you run the Quarq and H2 side by side? As in record the power from both at the same time to compare.

My advice would be use the Quarq as the power source inside and out - if possible. If you decide to do this then you would need to re test with the Quarq

I am going to test them today. The bike locked into the trainer has a quarq on it, and the cross bike I ride year round has a different quarq.

Next ftp test I will put the bike I ride outside on the H2, and pull data from h2 and quarq to determine outside vs inside numbers.

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That’s a wise move

I did Antelope +5 and the power meter on the ERG bike is showing the same watts as the H2. Ill try to swap the other bike on in a few days or weeks, bike on trainer is 10s, and outside bike is 11s.

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theres a workout called “trainerpowercurvemeasurement” thats built to see what kind of differences you have between your power meter and trainer. try setting your ftp to 100 and see how much a difference between the trainer and powermeters.

Next question- are you using a fan indoors? Insufficient cooling can cause a lower power output, which may explain why your outdoor numbers are much higher than expected

I am using a fan. Its pointed right at me. I feel like the numbers I am pulling off the ERG are true, as the work outs have def pushed me.

I down loaded the quarq app and I am going to check over the power meter on the out door bike also. There is a way to test the quarq prior to the ride and after the ride, if you get numbers outside of what they say is acceptable then the unit is off. I also calibrate more then once a ride as the power meter is 8 years old and can not make corrections for temperature variation.

My legs are sore today after 3 days in a row of my training, and I know i carried fatigue in from last week.

Get that outdoor bike on the trainer. The lack of temperature compensation could be your issue!

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