Sweet stop mid vol + extra ride

I was planning on doing High volume SSB and can handle the TSS, but can’t train more than 90min in the morning (work schedule) I’ve been thinking doing mid Vol SSB Mon-Fri, no rest during weekdays, and throw in a saturday groupride or endurance session, then rest sundays. has anyone tried this type of schedule?


If you can handle the volume for 3 or 4 consecutive weeks then it works for you. I tried HV for 3 weeks then struggled to recover. I’m doing Mid Volume with extra 30 min endurance rides if I feel I can handle the extra workload.

On what day do you throw in that extra ride? I’m considering the same, but I’m not sure where to add it. I’m concerned about proper recovery and burnout so I’ve resisted adding a little extra to the mid volume plans. High volume is too much for me.

Normally on the day I have a 1 hr workout. I move the workouts around to fit in my gym days etc. This week I added Taku on Monday directly after Donner, subbed 1 hr Petit with 1.5 hr Andrews on Tuesday did my rides as per plan Wed & Thur - decided to add Pettit +1 on Friday and rested Saturday with one more scheduled ride today (Sundy). Not sure if this helps., but this time round I’m adding in endurance rides, before I tried adding long versions of the harder rides.

I did this exact thing over the course of the last month or so. The only exception is I threw in a 2 hr ride on Wednesday. Here’s a screenshot(Hopefully it works) I didn’t want to start the week with a long ride so opted for shorter harder options instead. I also learned that going to a 45 min ride on Thursday let me perform better on Friday’s Threshold ride and Saturdays Endurance ride.

yeah im looking to do something similar, I can only ride mostly during weekdays, because sometimes i travel, so i dont want to commit to a weekend workout, so im slamming in al 5 mid vol workouts on weekdays and doind 100-150km sportives during avaliable weekends, That mid-week endurance/recovery ride bores me to death tho.