Swim/run shown as incomplete in triathlon plans

I searched but hadn’t seen this yet…

I have swim/run in my calendar that I complete, but when I do, the activities still show as frayed out with an “X” like I didn’t do them. No completion, no TSS added for the week. Unlike bike workouts that have the green check mark.

How do i show these as completed activities?

You have to go into your calendar and mark them complete. Right now TR is not importing completed S/R activities. (they are bringing them in on the backside for development, but they are not saying more than that).


On the app or on a PC?

Through the calendar. PC app will do it. Otherwise a browser.

When I try in the app it just asks if I want to view it online. Where is the option to mark complete?

Never mind, I just saw it. I’m an idiot.

No worries. I am trying to figure out how to make gels. And wait til you see me post about my horrible VO2 workouts.

Alas, swim and runs plus biking gets hard enough. Glad you found it.