New calendar bug // Run and swim marking as 'complete'

Sometime since last Friday there’s something up with the calendar (web browser). Marking runs and swims as complete isn’t working properly. They’re still showing up as grey/missed, and/or they’re updating with the values you put in as opposed to tracking the real values against the prescribed values.


Make sure to email for issues like this. Forum posts may not always get noticed, but their ticketing system via email will get quicker results.


I’ve also noticed this, it’s very strange behavior. It only seemed to work when I checked it off with the (PC) app.

I also have the same problem but will not function on both mobile and PC. I have emailed support!

Do the runs and swims adapt? i.e. if they’re not marked complete one week then will later workouts change?

I had this issue this weekend - I hadn’t emailed support yet

If you get a response - please share

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Looks to be working again!

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Still not working for me. Based on your post I used the calendar in the web browser to mark my swim as complete, and updated the specifics. Isn’t showing as complete. Fired up Win11 app, not marked as complete and the instructions and timings are overwritten with my updates. Also, the swim I marked as complete in the app Tuesday hasn’t synchronised to the calendar on the web either! Hosed! :frowning:

Mine seems to be fixed as of last night