Calendar question - what am I missing (completed check box)

I was wondering if I am doing something wrong but when I initially add a run the completed box is not available in the calendar until after I save it which I then I have to click back into it and then check the box. I add my running activites after they are completed and don’t plan them as I travel a lot and this would be very helpful.

Can this be added as an option? @Nate_Pearson @Bryce

You’re not doing anything wrong. Same thing happens if you want to change the date from a future date (like tomorrow) to the current date, the completed box doesn’t show until after you save and then edit. Wish the box would just be available all the time.

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You bring up a good point. I think this is already in our issue list but I’m going to add it to our discussion list.

Thank you @Nate_Pearson and appreciate it.

Also would be awesome to have the weekly TSS totals rows follow you (like excel freeze panes) as you scroll and when you get to next week the next total row would follow you. Easy to see on computer but phones would be helpful feature. Or as you scroll through the tss is highlighted with a value on the graph. I click on it now as intended

By the way, keep up the good work and love all communications and features the team is inplementing.

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The “completed” box should be available if the workout is scheduled for today or the past. Are you putting workouts in the future, then want to check them off before you hit that day?

In my experience, manually adding a strength training session requires:

  • scroll down and set the date
  • scroll up and change to other

Doing that results in a completed option appearing.

Otherwise if I set type = Other, there is no completed box until after setting the date to today. Which requires remembering to scroll back up after setting the date.

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Yes for in the day as I usually run and then add it to the calendar as I am not sure of the exact time and don’t want to add/adjust it twice since sometimes life happens and it gets shortened. I just tried it and it is showing up. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

also just tried it and it only shows up in one of two use cases:

  1. Tap today on web calendar (to the left of scheduled TR workout), select Other Activity, and it opens a Create Workout with completed option under name:

  2. Tap blue + icon on web calendar, , select Other Activity, and it opens a Create Workout without a completed option under name:

2a. No completion option appears after setting date by tapping DATE field.

2b. Completion option appears after setting date by tapping Calendar Select

@Nate_Pearson that is why its crazy making, the completion option may or may not appear depending on one of 3 use cases.

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I should have specified. I am using my iphone via safari and the check box shows up for all other activities. I am clicking into todays date and then other activity. I don’t get the check box by clicking into a future date and changing date to today. I took waht Nate said as if you want it to show up click on todays date and then add. Hope that makes sense.

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same here. As I said, completed option may or may not appear depending on how you tap thru the workflow. There are only 3 ways of doing it, and at first it drove me crazy because sometimes the completed option showed up and sometimes it didn’t. Even knowing that, sometimes I make a mistake after finishing a strength training session and have to save, re-open, and then click completed.

That’s sorta what I’m doing. I had my strength training scheduled for Tuesday, but did it today instead.

Safari on iPhone:

  1. Tap on Tuesday activity.
  2. Change date to today.
  3. No “completed” box so save with today’s date.
  4. Tap on activity with today’s date now showing.
  5. Mark completed and save.

It would be nice to skip steps 3 and 4.