Sync running/swim activities to calendar


New calendar feature is great but it seems like swim and run activities do not get synced from Strava to TrainerRoad? Was hoping they would show up in the calendar.

Did a half marathon (trail) yesterday and this activity does not sync unlike my previous bike rides.

Any ideas?



Not a thing yet. You need to add them manually with RPE I believe.

Right now, it seems the best way to do this is to manually input your workout results. You can manually plan your workouts, but unlike Training Peaks, you can’t get an automatic TSS calculation for running from a data file, nor can you estimate TSS for run or swim yet. That said, there are plenty of online calculators for running TSS, or if you’re a Stryd user, their RSS calculation works. Here’s a swim TSS calculator I’ve used in the past when manually running data:

Any idea if this feature is in the works? Would love to have my swim/bike/run data all in one place

Yep! Adding the ability to import other types of workouts is on our Development Roadmap :slight_smile:


Do we have a date for it? Brian


Do you have a favourite/recommended run calculator?


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I use either Training Peaks calculations or Stryd’s power center RSS. I don’t have a specific one I use otherwise for running.

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A date estimate would be great

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Date: When it’s done.


This would be a great feature. Also, would be great to have the swim/run portion of the triathlon plans fully integrated into the calendar as well rather than just in the notes/tips.


Glad to hear that this feature is on the road map :slight_smile:

By the way, do you have a public Dev Roadmap ?


Recently joined TR - wondering if this feature has been implemented or whether I’m doing something wrong?

Ran today but cannot see it in calendar.

Any update on this? @Nate_Pearson

We’re backfilling run and swims right now. We haven’t scheduled any tools to analyze the data yet. It’s still a ways off :frowning:.


Why do you collect the data if there’s no plans for users to be able to analyze it?

He said “its still ways off” which implies that there are plans :slight_smile: In software dev you never want to commit to a date!

If all your data is on Strava you can use my web app ( to analyse everything. It will estimate TSS from activities with HR only using previous rides with power and HR to build a model. You can also import your TR training plan. I still need to do something to estimate TSS for swims.


I said it’s not scheduled yet, not that it’s not planned :smiley:. We only schedule out a few months at a time because things change pretty often.


Thanks for the explanation - what does this mean?