Is there a way to mark non-bike workouts as complete in training calendar?

I’m doing a HIM training plan which obviously involves swim and run workouts in addition to bike workouts. I am absolutely loving the regiment that TrainerRoad has built but one thing that is sort of driving me crazy is that all the non-bike workouts show as “skipped” on my calendar.

I read that only bike workouts feed to the calendar after completion and use to kind of monitor my total training load, but is there a way to at least change the status so it doesn’t look like I’m skipping 2/3 of my training? It is really for my ego more than anything; when I log in and look like a skipper it makes me sad. I’m actually doing the work!

Here’s an example of what I mean; I did all my training for this week but it looks like I didn’t!

Completing a Non-Cycling Activity

For any Other Activity, whether it be Run or Swim, you’ll have to manually mark it as completed. If a workout is not checked as completed, it’ll automatically mark itself as skipped.

Once you do mark a workout as complete, you’ll have the option to enter in the actual stats that you completed.

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YAAAS! Thank you. I will do that!

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