Sweetspot Base-Weekday-One Hour WO's

Is there a Sweetspot base program where the weekday workouts are limited one hour? Work/Life does not allow for any more me time. If I take Reinstein for example, and reduce its time to one hour(Reinstein -2) through the workout variants option, is it as effective as selecting a workout designed for one hour? Just trying to maximize my time. Three-four one hour sweetspot workouts Monday-Friday would fit the bill perfectly.


Are you looking for a training program where:
A) the weekday workouts don’t exceed 60 mins (but weekends can go longer), or
B) the entire training is done mid-week and the workouts don’t exceed 60 mins (with no weekend rides)?

If A), then the Low Volume SSB plan does not have any midweek workouts that exceed 60 mins and the Mid Volume plan only has two workouts that exceed 60 mins (week 4 and 5 of SSB Mid Volume I in week 4 and 5, which you could either cut the workout short at 60 mins, or do the lesser versions Antelope -5 (60 mins) and just regular Geiger (60 mins).

If B), then no all the SSB plans have longer weekend rides, so even if you rearranged your calendar to sequence them mid-week, you’ll have longer rides to deal with. In this scenario, you could substitute all these rides for lesser versions and if they don’t have lesser versions at 60 mins (for example Brasstown) you could look for similar rides that do have a 60 min version. Doing this though, I think I’d be worried that you’re starting to undermine the intended benefits of the longer rides from the plan, or just accept that you’re not going to get the adaptations derived from longer workouts. Another option might be to look at the Time Crunched 45 plan. As the name suggests no workouts are longer than 45 mins, but the rides are more intense than SSB to compensate.

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