SSB-MV1 – Time for 1 weekend ride, which one?

I’m in week 5 of SSB-MV1 and will only have time for one session during a few upcoming busy weekends (on Sunday night) and am trying to determine which weekend session to do. My plan is to skip one rather than shifting the plan back, because I need to keep the longer rides on the weekend in future weeks.

Right now I’m thinking it’s best to do the Saturday ride because that’s typically the one with the higher TSS load, which I’m interpreting as building a more solid base. I’d skip the Sunday ride and get back on schedule on Tuesday.

This weekend for example, Palisade (Threshold Over Unders) was on the schedule for Saturday and Eclipse (Sweetspot) for Sunday, but I only have time for one. I plan to do Palisade on Sunday night, skip Eclipse, and get back on the regularly scheduled ride on Tuesday as planned.


Do you have time to do one + an endurance ride of 1 hour on one day?

I agree with @markbrouns about adding another ride if you can. I would do the Saturday workout on Sunday evening as that’s the one in the low volume plan, but also do either of the following (assuming you really really don’t have any other time at the weekend)

  1. Do the Sunday workout (or a 1 hour version of it) on Friday night.

  2. Add an extra hour of endurance onto your Thursday night workout - something like Baxter -2 or Beech.

If you only do the Tuesday Thursday and Saturday workouts, you will be missing out on an important part of the MV plan, which is building your endurance up.

Do the Saturday workout and sub outdoor for the Sunday one. (That is, do the workout normally scheduled on Saturday.)

The Sunday and Wednesday workouts are the less-important of the MV schedule.

Adding another ride during the week as suggested above is a good idea as well, but if that is not possible then this would be my recommendation :+1:

If it were me, I would do what you have suggested. If you have Friday free then add another sweetspot session. It doesn’t have to be the one scheduled for Sunday if you don’t have that amount of time to train.

If you don’t have time for another ride, add 30 minutes to an hour of zone 2 onto the end of the sunday night session, as mcuh as you have time for.

On either the tuesday or thursday session (o both if you can), it would be useful to add 30 minutes of zone 2 on as well. This is an easy way to add a bit of additional stress and force your body to work in a glycogen depleted state which is very useful.

Missing the saturday session isn’t going to be the end of the world if you are still getting 3 sweetspot sessions during the week, and supplementing it with some good aerobic work.

Thanks for all the feedback. Sometimes Friday night will be an option, other weekends not, so this gives me some good options to work around it and consider for future plans.

This weekend, I’ve got all-day commitments Friday through late Sunday night so planning to shift Saturday/Sunday to Monday/Tuesday and then finish the rest of the week 6 workouts (recovery) as planned.

Thanks again. Appreciate the support.