New FTP but VO2 max workouts unchanged

Structured training first-timer. 6 weeks in.
Ramp test yielded an 11% increase in my FTP.
Adaptive training changed my Sweet Spot and Threshold workouts from Level 5s back to 2s. The same cannot be said for my VO2 max workouts as they still currently sit at Level 5s. Should I change them to easier levels and actually finish or leave at current level, try, possibly fail and allow AT to change after a post survey workout?

I just had a similar experience. My PL’s dropped post-ramp test but my Threshold and Sweet Spot workouts remained unchanged. I contacted support a couple times but wasn’t given a solution. My approach is going to be do the workout if I think I can finish it, otherwise I’ll choose an alternate that I think is appropriate. I’m likely to delete the rest of my plan once I’ve completed SSBLV2, do another ramp test, and load a new Build plan.

Thought I’d share an update after receiving another response from support last night. I had two blocks of scheduled tome off in my calendar that they said was causing my sweet spot and threshold workouts to not adapt. They revised my calendar so I’ll see what happens going forward.

Not sure if the cause of your issue is the same or not, but thought I’d share my resolution (fingers crossed, anyway).

Thanks. In the end, I just deleted the plan and restarted it. It’s no big deal to me as I’m just starting out :blush:

That’s probably what I’m going to end up doing. Support worked on my calendar last night but now it’s kind of screwed up. Since I’m only a week into SSBLV2 I’ll probably delete the rest of the plan and schedule each phase individually and restart SSBLV2.

Glad it worked out for you.