Sweet Spot Base Phase 3?


I ve been doing SS LV1+LV2, but didnt achieve fully last weeks due to illness.

My overall plan starting (as for HIM) this week is 6 weeks base phase then Build.

What would you advice me for cycling part ? SSB1 or SSB2 LV ?

Thank you for your advice

Have you looked at the Plan Builder to see what it suggests? You can backdate your plan to when you started SSB LV1 and see what shows up for you next.

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Redo SSB2 LV. Unless you’re struggling at Tempo just redo that block.

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the builder proposed me HIM plan for next target, with 8 weeks of base. ten 4 weeks of build.

But as i already did some serious base training, i want to do 8 weeks of build then too until my first race end of april

Thank you i’ll do this again