General build or Sweet spot base to start with?

I’ve started TR on Monday with the General build plan but I’m starting to think that I should have done sweet spot 1st and then general build, or does it really matter? Now is the time to change if I need to :+1:t4:

The programs are designed in cycles that go Base > Build > Specialty so you will certainly benefit from starting with Sweet Spot Base! The SSB plans are made to put you in a great place to get through the Build plans as a natural progression, whereas going straight into Build may feel rather unpleasant :smiley:

The phases are a progression. Start with your Base phase, then Build and then Specialty.

For a vast majority of users, Sweet Spot Base is going to be the best starting point. If you’ve not done structured indoor training before (or are significantly deconditioned), start with Low Volume. Note that the Sweet Spot Base comes in two blocks; Sweet Spot Base I (6 weeks) and Sweet Spot Base II (6 weeks).

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Was thinking of doing SSB vol 1 FOR 6 Weeks. Is it then recommended to go on to “Build Plan” or do another SSB vol 2 before going on to Build plan??

@teamkennyg The progression that we recommend is SSB1, SSB 2, any Build Phase you want, and then a specialty phase.

Thats great thanks. I was thinking 12 weeks at sweet spot was a lot but I’ll stick with the people who know👍🏽

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Here’s a thread here that may give you some encouragement:

It’s very common for people to see their largest gains from the Sweet Spot Base phase. Even though Build phase sounds like that’s where you’ll get your gains, for a lot of people that’s the phase where you consolidate your gains made in SSB.

Another helpful resource is the podcast episode on planning your training year. You can check it out here:

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I though about doing that but went with sweet spot base mid volume. It’s not easy. Definitely a good way to start.