SSBI & SSBII MV to low volume sustained power build?

Just wondering if this is a good idea… I’m working on SSBI & SSBII MV right now taking me into the new year… my time available to commit to biking will be less in the new year (expecting a baby) so thinking of going low volume for sustained power build. Any thoughts? I noticed the TSS will be less than what I’m used to heading into the build so would there be any benefit to this idea or another approach I should consider?

Really working on improving my fitness the best I can… no big events until late summer.

If thats all you have time for than that’s the best you can do. If you’re able to extend the LV plan by adding 10-30 minutes of z2 work at the end of each workout you could get most of the same benefits of a MV plan. It’s easy to do this by adjusting the cool down duration and possibly upping the intensity of it. Also, if you find you have an extra day on occasion then throw in a long Z2 ride.


I’d go for it, you can always add in more workouts if you find you have extra time on your hands. I’m doing the SSBLV plans and usually adding in a longer endurance cycle at the weekend. I get too keep up compliance with the plan and avoid the guilt of missing workouts.

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