Throwing in an extra session to weekly plan

I’ll be working my way through SSB Low Vol2 and I was wondering what sessions folk would do if they could squeeze another one or two sessions in on top of the 3 workouts a week plan???

If you had spare energy you could prempt ssb2 by doing some VO2 max or overunders
Otherwise I would just add in some Z2 work to get the TSS up


Are you training for a specific event? if so where are the demands of tgatvlikely to fall?

If not, what sort of cycling do you do/want to improve at?

Go browse the mid vol plan and track along with what that would be suggesting. Same build progression and focus, more rides per week.

Probably the best way to do it and stay aligned with the plan you are in.

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Work ahead towards completing the current plan you are on? Move workouts up and finish early.

I’m sure this isn’t recommended but if I find extra time, which doesn’t happen much, I work ahead on my calendar.

JustinTime, I was just considering this. I am going to finish up SSBMV1 in just over a week. I have at times in this felt like I might be slightly over training on MV, so I was thinking of just doing LV for ssb2. I like the idea of only training every other day, but having two off days in a row, like you do in LV, seems unnecessary. So I was thinking I might just keep moving the workouts up so that I finish a week early.

What the mid vol adds is another long sweet spot on Sunday and a relatively short Z2 on Wednesday. So, probably a SS or a Z2 workout would go well.

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I think I’m doing a lot the same as you. Historically, I’ve done low volume plans and just condensed the plan to 4-5 weeks instead of 6 by adding the following weeks workouts to the current week.

Now, I’ve moved to mid-volume plans and just deleted the TSS filler workouts. Even with that, sometimes I still end up doing 5 or 6 rides a week and will end up condensing the mid-volume to a bit shorter too. The main difficulty with the mid-volume has been having to get up earlier to get the longer rides done mid-week :confused: