TB LV vs SSB LV - which to choose?

While I have tried to decode the answer through other threads, I am at a point where I need to make a decision. I have 8 weeks before my current start of SSB LV. I have been thinking of doing TB LV 1 and 2 first for something different to my legs. But I am concerned that the low volume won’t be enough to stimulate changes.

A little background: I have been racing for about 7 years, focusing on Triathlon the last 3 years. Low volume is the amount I can do with the bike and still get the run and swims in.

I am going to target one race in mid-May, with the end of the Build cycle. Then go into specialty for the race series.

What else do you need to know?

Thank you

SSB for sure. You probably won’t get training stimulus with 7 years in your legs from low volume TB.

My opinion is predicated on the fact that SSB was created for people who can only do low volume work. And as we can see there are so many books, training programs and coaches who use SSB for their amateur athletes.


I’m in a similar position…had been planing on TB MV starting in November and then switching to SSB MV2 in January and going form there. I know I respond very well over time to volume vs. intensity, but I also know that I need a bit more structured intensity. But I also didn’t want to burn out mentally on SS from Nov - April until we can get back outside (in Chicago).

That said, I was looking at the TB plans yesterday and my god, the monotony! Holy hell…:rofl:. Now, I usually just watch TV shows, etc this time of year when riding, so it is no big deal. But it does have me second-guessing my plan a bit…

Another fall finds me off the bike and recovering from injury. I’m going to ease back in with TB LV and if my leg is OK add a 3 hr endurance ride to the plan. I’ll monitor progress, and switch to SSB low Vol using the longer workouts from SSB mid vol, but keeping it to 3/week with the endurance ride. Also easy week every 3rd week so I can absorb the training stimuius.

Agree with the above, you’re unlikely to get much benefit from TB LV if you already have 7 years of training in your legs.

What are your weaknesses in triathlon? If it’s cycling then I would consider putting the run and swim on the back burner for a couple of months, given how far from race season you are, and doing a big block of cycling volume which would set you up well for gains. E.g. Find enough time to do the MV plan instead of LV. On the other hand if cycling is a strength then maybe go the other way and do one of the Maintenance plans for a couple of months while you focus on swimming or running.

This seems like the time to try stuff out that you don’t want to experiment with during the more focused portion of the training year. Maybe consider spending the time doing SSB2 if you’re coming in with a good amount of fitness, or SSB1 otherwise. Perhaps look at the maintenance plans if you want to focus on something else (run, swim, strength) but don’t want the bike to get dusty. Or give sprint-intensity workouts a try. Or try the outdoor workout variations. Anything that either gets you to the start of “real” training a little farther ahead or teaches you something new. TradBase would be at the bottom of my list unless I’m coming back from an injury. It’s the TR equivalent of watching paint dry, IMO.