Splitting up workouts betweek weeks

I’m currently doing a plan that has me training Mon, Wend, and Friday. This coming Saturday I have a 100k gravel ride with friends and the next day, Sunday I’m doing a 60k hill climb / TT route with my wife. I’m going to skip the Monday TR session and most likely Tuesdays also for recovery since I know when I go out with my wife it’s usually a fast and hard ride, shes like a dog chasing a squirrel, she only slows down when she bonks.

If I postpone Mondays plan and do it Wednesday and the next on Friday that would push the last day to Monday. Is there any reason why I should worry if I break up the plan with a non-plan road ride in between or do the TR plans like to be done in succession with no other training mixed in?

You should not worry.

Enjoy the riding! Have fun🤘