Altering Training Days Calender

Just returned to cycling and my plan is 3 days a week. I travel every couple weeks and if I stayed on plan I would miss one workout every couple weeks.
Is there a problem if I train 2 or 3 days in a row instead of every other day so I don’t miss my workout that week? Or do you need the 48 hour time to recover in between training days at my level and plan?

Thanks for any input.

Depends on 1) what plan/phase you are in, 2) your training history prior to the training break and how long that break was, and 3) the level of non-training stress.

With just 3 days of work a week you probably would not bury yourself by doing this, but again it depends on other factors as well.


Thats the nice thing about TR plans. You can fit them to your own lifestyle plans. I cant see a problem doing 2 or 3 days in a row. Assuming you are doing the Base phase. You dont mention your age/lfitness level , but Im in my 60s and have no trouble doing 3-4 workouts in a row. Also ,can you train outside when you are away? Maybe do a few runs/ hikes to keep the fitness if you cant take your bike with you.

I am 55. I used to race got up Cat 2 back in the 90s. For past 20 years no cycling, just gym 5 days a week. Bad lower back so I’ve struggle to find leg workouts or cardio training for past couple years. When I go away in the summer for long weekends, it is spent on a lake wakeboarding, surfing and some swimming. I really don’t want to miss workouts so just trying to figure out options. No place to ride at lake that is safe.

I just started cycling again this week and my goal is to race again. Long way to go but I’m excited for the challenge. Goal is to enter some races summer 2021.

So I don’t want to miss workouts on bike. Considering getting a trainer to keep at lake but thats another expense or just packing bike and smart trainer when we go…
thanks for the input.

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Based on this I would not do 3 days of intensity. I would hold off on VO2 or threshold work as you re-familiarize yourself with your bike. Easy aerobic and short tempo would be good for a few weeks. As you adjust to that sprinkle in some tempo and sweet spot work. Having been off the bike for so long it might be tough stringing 3 work days together if you jump straight into threshold and VO2 Land. When you add high intensity do it slowly and check in with your body regularly. Also I would definitely put your highest intensity session first in the week since it will likely take a lot out of you at first.

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It will take time, but you raced at a high level ,so should be able to do so again in the O/55 category. I agree, it will be best while youre building a base not to miss workouts, as the temptation to cram the ones youve missed into the next week! Makes sense to pack your bike and trainer each time ,until you can get another trainer to keep at the lake.

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@JohnnyBravo, I was able to track down this article from the TR Blog you might want to take a look at as well:

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Thanks for info and sharing. JUst did my first 1.5 hour workout yesterday to start the program. Felt good and excited for the TrainerRoad program. Great input about your workout that we didn’t have in the good old days.