Outside rides mid plans

I bet this is covered somewhere but my search terms didn’t find anything so I apologise.

I’m now able to get out before work which is great for general happiness and fun but it is harder to train. Only my race bike has a power meter so getting on the MTB (or gravel) is a guess work to monitor effort. My plan currently is SSBLV1 on Mon, Tues & Thurs with an additional z2 fasted on Fri leaving weekend for real riding.

I was out on the MTB yesterday and my legs know I was having fun. What I’ve been trying to resolve is what to do with plan the day of and the day after the ride:

  • Do you shuffle the day of the ride workout to a different day, or accept you’ve worked elsewhere and leave it be?

  • If I shuffle it am I building too much TSS and setting myself up to fail in the future?

  • The following day’s workout should be reduced? Leave as be and potentially not complete it.

  • If I don’t reduce the workout should it be pushed? Again this might reduced the weekend or kill my recovery?


I don’t know where you are in your plan but if you had an intense day I’d prob swap out the workout most like it. So if you’ve been repeatedly racing up short climbs I’d swap out the VO2 workout if you have one. Or, if you’ve been cranking up longer climbs remove the sweetspot/threshold workout. It’s not perfect but it sure sounds like you’re getting work in while outside so that’s always good :+1:.

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