Is it ok to bunch up training days and rest days?

I started trainer road at the end of July and I’m on a training plan to prepare me to do a metric century on October 10. I have to go out of town this weekend so I would miss my long Saturday ride which I don’t want to do.

2 questions:

1.My normal schedule is workouts Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Should I just do Saturday’s workout on Wednesday and have my rest days Friday Saturday and Sunday? Or would 3 workouts in a row destroy me?

  1. If I’m able to complete the workouts as scheduled in my plan, can I be reasonably confident that I will be able to finish a metric century on October 10? I had a year of structured training from February 2020-feb 2021. I had problems with my trainer and bike which had me mostly off my bike from February through July.
    So I was not completely without fitness coming into this. I’m doing the ride alone, I’m 63 years of age, and the course is a mostly flat or rolling railroad line converted to paved trail, if that information is of any importance. This is not any kind of organized ride so I won’t have any support except I can call my husband to come get me if necessary. I would rather not do that.

I welcome any advice people have to offer. Thanks.

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One missed (or failed) workout will not ruin a training plan….so don’t stress about it too much.

That said, if you think you can reasonably do the Tues / Weds / Thurs stretch you outlined, that is also a solid plan as you’ll then have 3 days to recover.

When I am going to travel and know I am going to miss time off the bike, I try and load up some extra work ahead of the break and use the travel time as recovery.

Either way, you’ll be fine by the metric century.