Small training results?

Hi Everyone, first of all, I hope everyone is well and staying healthy.

I’m quite new to a structured training program, and actually to cycling. I started cycling seriously only last year and in January this year, I started subscribing to Trainer Road.

I completed the SSB1 mid-volume and now 1.5 week before completing the Build mid-volume phase. I started off with an FTP of 163 (ramp test) and a week ago, in mid-build test, my FTP went up slightly to 171 (4.9%). I’m able to finish all the workouts so far, even though I found the weekend workouts to be very challenging (Saturday’s over-under and Sunday’s SST).

I’ve been listening to all of the podcasts and I realized that everyone is different. Just want to know, with my progress, is that considered to be normal or I’m pretty much limited by my age and genetic? By the way, I’m 49 y.o. and weigh 150 lbs, so with my new FTP, it’s about 2.5 w/kg. Also, I’ve never done any endurance training in my life.

Thanks in advance for the insight,

Welcome to the forum. You’re right, everyone’s progression is different. I have to admit that my results or gains are a bit small compared to others in the group. I don’t know if it’s because of age, I’m 52. It doesn’t matter because I can’t do anything about that.

I do think that there are some things I wish someone would have told me early on. FTP is overrated. FTP is just one data point of fitness. Doing the sweet spot training you may not increase your FTP much, because you are doing all your work below threshold. But you are creating the base fitness for the build phase to come. This is where you are more likely to see substantial FTP gains. Secondly, your fitness will improve in base phase, and it will translate to the road. The adaptations you make in base allow you to access a greater percentage of your FTP. It makes you a more efficient athlete. You will be capable of riding longer and harder outside. Your riding buddies will notice the change.

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