Has my FTP risen to quickly and isn’t representative of my fitness

I am new to cycling, well consistent cycling at least. I started riding regularly indoors in Nov2020. At least 4 times per week. My first ftp was 119W on Nov 24th 2020.
After following TR base low vol 1 and 2 my FTP is now 199w, which is great but I am really struggling with the workouts especially those near or at FTP.
I haven’t really got a base foundation (at least I don’t think I have) to draw upon on longer high intensity workout or rides. I am just about to start build phase 1 and am dreading it.
Should I carry on and soldier on as best I can or should I switch to a block of traditional base training? Or something else?

I am 47, 88kg and have apx 10hrs to devote to training.

Any advice would be great and appreciated.

Personally I’ve seen a lot of benefits and gains from doing more base development on 8-10 hours/week. Like 6+ months of base development. Started doing that my 3rd and 4th seasons with TrainerRoads’s traditional base plans (outside as much as possible), and then with a plan purchased thru TrainingPeaks, and now with a coach. FWIW I’m over a decade older and appear to respond to volume (vs 4-6 hours with TR SSB plans).


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your perspective. I agree that volume is maybe something I need to do. I have never done that. Longest ride ever is 2hrs (60km) with most rides about 1-1 1/2 hrs.

Last year was my first season. My first FTP was around 153 Watts and four months later I was at 243. The workouts are tough but part of the toughness is mental. I have found that the more workouts I completed on TrainerRoad the tougher I have gotten mentally. I also found that if you spend more time on the bike doing long rides it will help build enough base that the shorter intense workouts are a lot easier.

As far as a suggestion, you may be better served from doing more base phases rather than build. There’s nothing wrong with building more base when you’re so new to the sport. I did that last year and it helped my fitness a lot.


If you are using the ramp test, maybe it’s time to try a longer 20 minute test in order to compare. A longer test will most often be more accurate. If your true FTP is 185, for example, it would be way better for you to have it set correctly.

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What and how much are you eating or drinking during your workouts?

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Thanks Jack! It is great to get perspective from a newer rider.

I guess there will be lots of great comments and experiences coming my way on this forum which is awesome.


Fair comment, I am a little better at pacing now so maybe a 20min test is a good way to go.

I did a Crit race recently and averaged 208w over 26mins so I have a good idea of 20min pace

For workouts for 1 hr usually 1L of water and no food. Anything longer I have a banana too

That’s what I used to do also. You may find that adding some carbs to your drink can make a big difference, especially as the intensity (both relative to your ftp and absolute intensity) goes up— it has made a notice difference for me. I initially used skratch hydration mix which is very tasty but expensive compared to just mixing maltodextrin and fructose powders with something for a little flavor.


To echo what’s been said, definitely have some carbs while you ride. It makes a huge difference, especially for long sustained work. Aim for at least half of the calories burned to be taken in on the workout. I’m up to 80g of carb per hour and it makes a massive difference.

I would also agree, there is nothing wrong with, and in fact a lot of benefit to, doing another round of base. I had similar gains when I first joined TR m, but found my higher FTP to be very “brittle.” By that I mean I could hit most workouts, but would crash hard on longer, tougher workouts. Repeated base (over years at this stage) and I can see a difference in long efforts and workouts.