Sickness with new routine

I always seem to get sick a few weeks into a new routine. I started on sprint tri base low volume 3 weeks ago and am out of action this weekend with a cold. It always seems to happen when I knuckle down. I’m also dieting but I feel like with a low volume plan I should be able to handle it. I really want to lose some weight alongside my training. It’s not like I’m new to training or anything. I’m just starting a structured programme again as 6 month old baby made it difficult but I’ve been training for they last few months, and am coming from a few years of Tri training.

The only time it didn’t happen was when I had a coach.

My question is basically why this is happening and what I should do next!?

Hi there. I’ve got no idea about doing triathlon, although I have encountered something similar many times over the years. You up the workload and that tips the balance.
I also can’t comment on the dieting thing as I eat like a horse when I’m training and still lose weight most of the time. I’m fortunate that way.

I’ve found that I really need to focus on getting plenty of rest/sleep and also building slowly. My problem is that I decide on something new and go all out, thinking that the happy times will last. They never do and my body rebels after a week or so.

Another point to mention is that the LV plans cram the workouts AFAIK. You might think you’re not doing much volume. The truth might be a different matter once you up the intensity.
Someone with more experience in your discipline might have more insight. It does sound like every time I’ve started a training plan (4 year old at day care included for germ dosing and broken sleep).

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