Have i made a mistake going for SSB low volume

Looking back over my recent years i have noticed that during the summer months i have had a few stints of 4-600 tss weeks, when i first started TR at the beginning of this year i was on SSB mid volume and completed the first 6 weeks without much in the way of missed workouts and got a bump of nearly 30W, i then did around 2 weeks into the 2nd 6 week block, couldn’t complete a few of the workouts and got quite ill (training at 7am sometimes temps were around -5)

I have recently started again and went with SSB low volume, would adding a workout or 2 each week and then jumping to SSB mid after the 6 weeks seem like the right thing to do as i feel like i can handle more TSS but really don’t want to end up sick again (type 1 diabetic immune system )

If your primary concern about the volume is that it is causing your illness it doesn’t really matter which plan you pick - instead if matters how well you listen to your body.

Pick low volume and add workouts, pick mid-volume and follow the plan. Either could be a recipe for success or failure. If you start to break down and don’t listen to your body and take a break or reduce volume you’ll end up in a dark place. If you don’t start to break down you can maintain or increase volume as you see fit.

It’s much more about being willing to adjust based on your body’s response to the stimulus than about picking the ‘right’ plan ahead of time. Either of the plans you’ve outlined would work for you


I think he got ill due to training in -5 degrees temperature