Fatigue issue with new user

I’m about 3 weeks into my first training plan with TR and loving it but I’m BEAT. I am a 56 y.o. woman who works a full-time, physically demanding job (landscaping). I have been strength training twice a week and signed up for the low volume plan which should give me time to get everything done during the week. However, I’ve been too tired to do more than 1 weight workout a week and last week, I bailed on both weight workouts. Has anyone suffered through this and adapted to the fatigue? Any tips or pointers for helping me get through this period? (I’m planning on switching to mid-volume over the winter when I don’t have to walk my dogs when I get home.)

It’s hard to integrate new training plan and weight training.

My first thought is that it would be ok to insert an easy/rest week after three hard weeks. Lots of masters athletes even do well on 2 hard weeks / 1 easy or even 1 hard / 1 easy.

You may be better off prioritizing the weight training for now and then just doing low intensity aerobic work on the bike. There’s little reason to do hard intervals going into winter while doing weight training.

Make sure you are fuelling the workouts! And monitor how much recovery/sleep you are getting. As your workload increases, both these things start to carry more weight.


I’m 54 and the training stimulus ( low volume) I’m putting my body through means I have equal focus on quality sleep and calories as I don’t have the luxury of youth if I get things wrong.

As I’m losing weight I’m endeavouring to make everything sustainable through to May for my A event.

It’s so easy to dig yourself a hole with over training, like most I’ve been there and I have no wish to go there again!

You need to revisit what your goals are and put your training on a more sustainable footing. The first goal in any fitness plan is to avoid injury or illness, everything else will follow.


Can’t really help you but if you’re beat while doing the low volume plan. I think it’s a really bad idea to switch to mid volume. Especially while also doing strength training and a physically demanding job. Figure out how to balance everything on the low volume plan first, before adding even more work.


Which low volume plan are you on?

What does your workout schedule look like?

How many days a week do you have with ZERO physical activity scheduled?

I’m doing the general road plan given where we are in the season. Once events start getting confirmed for next year, I will likely get more specific.

Zero activity? No days. I work 5 days a week M-F, ride Tues, Thurs, Sat and sometimes Sun. If I don’t ride Sunday, I go hiking with my dogs and do yard work.

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What about sleep and stress levels?

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That General Build plan (assuming that’s what you meant) really focuses on high intensity intervals. Try taking a day fully off. Focus on sleep too. Masters athletes definitely need more rest and recovery time.

Another approach is to reduce the number of intervals. That’s worked well for me.

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The thing about the low volume plan is that it makes up for the lower volume with higher intensity, that’s fine if it’s all you’re doing but less so if you are adding extra activities on the other days.


Directly going into build is very hard. You could insert a recovery week now and then start with Sweet Spot Base I.

I think this is a HUGE point - low volume = HIGH intensity, so trying to jump into this on top of everything else might well be too much.

Honestly I think a physically demanding job, weight training AND adding a plan like this is asking for trouble if not eased into very gently.

I’d suggest trying 1 or maybe 2 of the lower intensity sessions fro a high volume plan and just fill any other time with easy endurance effort rides. Ease up as you feel able to.