SF Rubber Glove - Did you save the workout before removal?

So I understand Sufferfest threw their toys out of their pram and asked TrainerRoad to remove their workouts from the workout library. However, I’ve always used Rubber Glove as my CP20 testing format, and I’d quite like to be able to continue doing so, as I don’t seem to be getting on well with the Ramp Test.

Was anyone quick enough to make a copy of the workout using the workout creator before it got pulled? If so, are you able to share a link to it so I can somehow save it to my library?

I have multiple previous rides of the workout but annoyingly there doesn’t seem to be a way to import a completed ride into the workout editor. I could go through and manually make a note of the interval durations, time stamps and power targets and create a custom workout, but I was hoping to save myself the hassle! Thanks!

There’s a roundabout way of importing it assuming the ride is syn’d to strava or garmin.

Thanks @brenph. I’ve just looked into this, but unfortunately this will only import the workout as completed previously with wattage targets, and not the neat % power targets as the original TrainerRoad workout would have been :frowning:

I think I might just have to suck it up and get creating from scratch!

In this document you can find the details and cues to make a custom workout.

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Thanks @stefanf - I came across that the other day and it looks mega complicated (and the timestamps don’t seem to correspond correctly for some weird reason).

Nevermind, I’ve gone through and manually re-created it now.

In case anyone is in the same boat in the future, the workout can be found here:

Rubber Glove (CP20 Test)

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I used to use this as my go-to for the 20’ test since the TR 20’ Test actually produces a lower FTP if you ride to target. I’ve been enjoying the Ramp Test since that came about, but good to have this one kicking around if I want to do it to compare to older tests.

I’ve been using the Ramp Test for my last few tests and have found that, for me, it provides a much too low estimate of my FTP, which I can only assume is due to the Ramp Test being reliant on VO2max abilities.

For instance, a few weeks ago I performed a Ramp Test, gave it everything to failure, and achieved an estimated FTP of 270w. That was a fresh day, and I was feeling fairly good, and workouts since have felt too easy. This evening I completed Rubber Glove (CP20), and despite feeling rubbish all day and having a bit of fatigue in my legs from the weekend still, I achieved an FTP of 295w. I appreciate there’s been a few weeks between tests and a few variables have changed, but I don’t feel those few weeks in between have seen consistent enough training to warrant a 25w increase.

With that said, I’ve always struggled with VO2max workouts in the past using FTP estimates derived from a CP20 test, however this season I’m going to follow some advice I found elsewhere on the forum and complete Huffaker when it comes round to my Build phase to see if I need to reduce the intensity of my VO2max intervals.

I don’t understand your point? The test is designed as a max-effort 20min interval, it doesn’t have a target.

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I like having the target for motivation, what can I say. It’s been ingrained in me after so many years of using TR :joy:. The Rubber Glove workout provides a target to reach for that if I hit I know it will provide a bump in FTP.

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I guess you could always nudge the workout percentage up within the workout if you wanted to roll with that idea. @WTriathlete has a point though - as a test, it should be a maximum effort; you shouldn’t let the blue line hold you back even if it will provide a marginal bump. You may be limiting yourself to achieving a higher result.

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If it’s strictly a max effort test what’s the point of having a target on that workout at all - - why not just a free ride portion? IMO it should be there to help you pace properly so I guess it’s a matter of using a lower target to help pace off and try to raise as you go or a higher target and try to raise as you go along. For me I find the higher target better, but to each their own for whatever gets you through the 20 minutes👍.