Sufferfest workouts as TrainerRoad custom workouts

I hope this post doesn’t get TR in any sort of trouble, but I’ve got capacity for an extra workout on the turbo today and thought I would revisit my Sufferfest collection.

I have a copy of the 2013 Sufferfest Downwards Spiral which i’d like to give ago, does anyone have the timing/power intensity so that I can create the workout in TrainerRoad?

I know Sufferfest through a hissyfit and got TR to remove the official workouts, but I am sure I have seen resourced to import ‘custom’ workouts which map to the video.


If there was an option to import a previously done workout into workout creator and save it that would be ideal. Provided you had done the SF workout before. I will have done most of them previously because I always ran them through TR before SF brought their app out.

I fully understand why there’s no crossover between two competitors in this regard but like you I guess I own a good number of Sufferfest MP3 files and used to ‘enjoy’ the two combined :grinning:


Awesome! Thanks,

However, those power numbers look huge to me 137% of FTP for 2 minutes? No way I could do that, the NP calculation for the 19 minutes for each set comes out at ~30w over my FTP with a IF of 1.12. For most people 20 minutes at >105-110% of their FTP would indicate doing a new test, 112% to me would indicate too low an FTP if completed.

They were brutal! I presume that spreadsheet is based on the original workouts that were on TR but I don’t know.

Downward Spiral wasn’t one I did looking back at my workouts but Revolver (minute on/minute off) was at 135% FTP on TR and if I’m reading the spreadsheets correctly the original Revolver is at 149%(!) and Revolver 2013 at 123% - a bit of a difference!

As long as the timing queues are good you can always use the spreadsheet as a template and change the targets accordingly I guess.

if you can do 32 mins (16 x 1 min on, 1 min off) at 135% of FTP (IF of 1.35) then your FTP is 100% set wrong. I just mention it for others that may come across this and potentially get disheartened by the work outs.

I’ve changed it so most of the intervals in downwards spiral are at 120%, though the last few <30s intervals are 130-140%. This comes out with an IF of just under threshold so hopefully should be doable. Similar tss to 2x20 mins @ FTP, just with more punch and variety to keep me interested.

It was a few years ago so I don’t remember any context but I didn’t get too close to the 135%

The whole workout was 45 mins or so at an 1.02IF

I have PerfPro which came with all the Sufferfest workouts (but not the videos). The Perf Pro version of the videos maxed out at 120%FTP, revolver was 120% IIRC. The newer videos where all based on RPE, they have a chart to convert to %FTP and nothing comes out outrageously out of wack that I have seen. I own a few videos and wouldn’t mind being able to occasionally sub them in for a similar TR workout.

Bringing this back up. How do you import the .erg file into workout creator?

Simple as drag and drop. Drag file over workout creator.

Great to find this here, I was just wondering if I could use the SF videos I have with TR again. I managed to create a workout from DownwardSpiral from the data in the spreadsheet (save as a .erg file and drag/drop into the workout creator list of custom workouts). I’m now wondering if I can associate the workout with the video. This seems to be possible as I have an old custom workout that is linked to Fight Club - when I load the workout it loads the video (this is on the Mac). However, I can’t see a way to make this link in either the workout creator or the main TR app. Any pointer appreciated.


In case it’s of any use to anyone here, I manually re-created Rubber Glove as a workout earlier this week. It can be found at the link below, and I can confirm it ties in with the video perfectly! You’re all welcome to copy it to your own libraries!

Sufferfest Rubber Glove (CP20 Test)

Great resource. Thanks!


This is such a useful thread. I bought one of their training plans a while ago and their videos are great. Mostly for the music, but the gun, motorcycle, etc noises are good as well. Cycling footage also helps.

The Google sheet is awesome but seem a little under what Sufferfest set as their levels. I just did part of ISLAGIATT - It seemed like a good idea at the time - and had to bump it up another 23%. And, just like before I joined TR, I blew up in the second interval (I’m in my Speciality taper this week so thought I’d have some “fun”). As has been said, if you can hold the efforts they’re suggesting, your FTP is probably low.

I’ll have another go of this and tweak it to 10% more and start playing with the levels.

The first one I did was Wretched and it was easy. So definitely room with that spreadsheet, but it does depend on the workout, it seems.

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If it helps, I couldn’t get this to work on the Mac. I’d paste it into text editor, save it, rename the extension, but loading it would be a blank workout. I could only get it to work on PC.